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Custom Flashlight Recommendations for Power Outages

Everyone loves to have spare flashlight in their drawer because they may aid during emergencies. But how many of them would survive the emergency or power outage? This remains the big question. Should you solely rely on batteries? Should you invest in some alternative flashlight sources, which are not cent percent reliable on batteries? Answering one –on- one, we’d say you should always rely on alternative sources than just battery empowered flashlights. If you are targeting customers living in the areas, which face storms or power outages, then you can consider some flashlight types-Custom Tower Key-Lights

  • Lithium Batteries
    They may cost you a dime, but offer great service life than regular batteries. These batteries can hold charge, even when people are using it in cold. Generally it is observed that regular batteries are robbed of power, when subjected to cold, however lithium batteries can survive winter blues and offers powerful lighting.  Lithium powered flashlights work even if someone forgets them over their cars or leave them in cold for long time. It is well-suited for areas, which experience power outages during winters and suffer from winter storms or bad weather most often.
  • LED
    Go for LED flashlights than traditional flashlights because they survive longer. These LED flashlights are easier to manage and they can offer bright light during emergencies. The LED flashlights normally offer 5-7 years shelf life and can survive during any harsh weather conditions. These are being largely preferred for emergency lighting due to low energy consumption, improved physical robustness, faster swtiching and easy management.Personalized Tower Key-Lights
  • Multi utility Flashlights
    This means freedom to use the flashlight as a lantern or as flashlight depending on the choice. You can find some models, which can be easily converted into a lantern or a flashlight. Lantern flashlights help to light up the area, if a user has decided to hurdle in groups over some safe place or they can use it as a flashlight, while on move.  The lantern type flashlights can be used for lighting within home or office or kitchen, when the power goes out.
  • Pocket Flashlight
    These are perfect for using during emergencies, when other light sources fail to make the mark. These types may not light up large area, but they definitely offer some relief from the darkness. They can easily lightup small spaces such as abyss of purse or above shelves or finding something in dark, when the power has gone out, etc.
  • Headlamp
    These are perfect for power outages. Sometimes during such situations, it becomes important to carry things from one place to other. Headlamps offer great relief under such situations and people can use their hands to carry their essentials.

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