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How Carabiner flashlights can make your branding noticeable

A custom logo carabiner flashlight is a sure fire way to make your branding noticed. The reports of the Advertising Specialties Institute show that as much as 81% of people retain the promotional items they receive because of their utility. Studies show that a majority of people who retain useful promotional gifts could easily recall the marketers who gifted them those gifts. So it becomes important to choose gifts that are useful for the customers while advertisers plan their promotional campaigns.

Customized Carabiner Flashlight/Whistle with Strap

Carabiner custom flashlights are available in a variety of models, colors and prices and before finalizing the choices, advertisers should make sure that these cater to the tastes of the customers that they target. If you find the selection process a bit too tricky for you, our staff will help you find the perfect promotional carabiner flashlights. You can imprint the logo or the business slogan to set your promotional campaign rolling.

Customized Dual Function Laser Pointer and LED

Promotional carabiner flashlights are not just highly visible and sleek but these can also be carried in a bag, belt or purse with its inbuilt hook, which ensures people easy access to their flashlight. Every time the flashlight is being taken out, your logo gets the exposure it deserves. Make the smart decision of using imprinted carabiner flashlights for your brand building exercise and see the change it brings to your business prospects and goodwill.

Carabiner flashlights make value added and beautiful gifts for customers, which they would appreciate and love to keep all their life. These would also make wonderful gifting ideas for advertisers on a budget without compromising on the visibility. Pocket sized and elegant, these custom carabiner flashlights will put your brand in spot light with ease attract new customers and keep the existing customers happy too. The best part is that these make ready light on the move as carabiner flashlights can be hooked within pockets, belt loops, bags or backpacks!

Customized carabiners that were once hugely popular among climbers and campers have evolved to become effective marketing tools today thanks to its utility and affordability. These custom flashlights are becoming favored giveaways during tradeshows, corporate events, business conferences and conventions, etc.

Here are some of our top selling models for you.

Customized carabiner flashlight/whistle with strap – is a value added gifting option for marketers on a budget because it never misses the target. This carabiner flashlight can be laser engraved or screen imprinted and it will make a great gifting favor during anniversary celebrations and promotional events.

Custom dual function laser pointer and LED flashlight keychain with 5 colors is elegant and affordable alike, which has made it one of our best sellers. Powered with 3 lithium batteries that have a shelf life of 18 months, this flashlight is well cut for outdoors and continuous use as in the case of projector promotions in classrooms or in factories. The sleek metallic color finish and bright aluminum frames round off its profile elegantly. This LED flashlight keychain can highlight any business information with exceptional brilliance and it produces laser wavelength /range 650 NM/500 yards.

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