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Custom Maglite Flashlights

Custom Maglite Flashlights

Custom Maglite Flashlights have caught up with marketers who strongly stand by the concept of Made in USA. Most of these Maglites are conceptualized, designed, manufactured, and patented in USA. Some of these products may bear improved subcomponents or components, contributing to their performance. It is no brainer that -custom Maglite flashlights are one of the toughest flashlights available in market and they are interoperable, too. These flashlights are perfect for gifting throughout the year because it is extremely popular with masses as well as marketers.

 Custom Logo MagLite Solitaire
as low as $6.83
Model : FL51001
 Custom MagLite Solitaire Pink
as low as $6.83
Model : FL51002
 Personalized Mag Lite AA Mini
as low as $6.83
Model : FL51007
 Custom Printed MagLite Mini
as low as $10.54
Model : FL51011
Personalized MagLite Mini
as low as $10.54
Model : FL51010
 Custom AA Mini MagLite Navy Blue
as low as $12.59
Model : FL51009
 Custom AA Mini MagLite Pink
as low as $12.59
Model : FL51008
 Custom Camouflage Mini MagLite
as low as $14.67
Model : FL51015
 Custom Digital Mini MagLite
as low as $14.67
Model : FL51016
 Custom LED Mini MagLite
as low as $22.39
Model : FL51012
 Custom American Flag MagLite
as low as $24.14
Model : FL51017
 Custom 2D LED MagLite
as low as $32.60
Model : FL51035
 Custom 3D LED MagLite
as low as $33.53
Model : FL51036
 Custom XL50 LED MagLite
as low as $35.76
Model : FL51042
 Custom 3D LED Camo MagLite
as low as $37.84
Model : FL51037

Invest in Custom Maglite Flashlights to Light up Your Brand

In 1970's, these flashlights were included in emergency kits of fire department and law enforcement professionals because they were durable and lasting. Today, most people understand that custom Maglite flashlights make ideal companion for home, automotive, hobby, and sporting purposes. As a result, we have tried to incorporate several small, midsized, as well as mini Maglite flashlights in our selection.

Promotional maglite Flashlights score over various other promotional flashlights due to their features such as -

  1. Adjustable high-intensity beam (from spot to flood)
  2. Water and shock resistant
  3. Optics balanced with design
  4. Durable rugged, aluminum construction with knurled designs on some models
  5. Solitaire Maglite equipped with innovative extended key lead , which aids the user to use key and light beam in the same direction
  6. Offers great corrosion resistance due to its anodized interiors and exteriors
  7. High grade rubber seals in all flashlights
  8. A spare lamp secured within tailcap for most models except for Mini Maglite® LED flashlights and Maglite® LED flashlights with a DL in the serial number
  9. Most of the models offered in attractive corporate presentation box and spare batteries
  10. Laser engraved mini Maglites make an indulging promotional gift at all times.

Personalized Maglite flashlights make great choice for gifting during tradeshows, business conferences, conventions, conferences, charity events, fundraisers, grand openings, political campaigns, team sponsorships and many more. These promotional maglites flashlights are being largely considered for employee/ customer incentives, groomsmen gifts, family reunion gifts, office supplies, business mixers, etc.

Are you looking for personalized MAG-LITES, Solitaire Maglites, Mini MAGLITES, Camo Maglites? You can find them all and many more at best value pricing. Contact our team at 885-993-5274 or write to us at to let us know how we can help you with laser engraving and other things.

Price Range
  • $5.00 to $9.99 (5)
  • $10.00 to $14.99 (14)
  • $15.00 to $19.99 (1)
  • $20.00 to $39.99 (35)
  • $40.00 to $99.99 (10)

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