This section leads you through the general process of ordering.

If you like any custom flashlight product offered on this website then you can proceed through following ways:
  • Choose the Imprint Color, Product Color and Quantity on the product details page and add it to the cart and you’ll be lead to the shopping cart page.
  • At shopping cart – Click on Continue Shopping if you have other orders or Click on Proceed if you wish to go ahead with your choice. You’ ll be lead to account login page.
  • At Account login page – Enter your email address or password if you are a returning customer. Register New Account or Click on Express Checkout if you don’t wish to create an account. After finishing with identity generation, you will be lead to a shopping cart.
  • At Shopping Cart – Remove the product on the page by clicking on remove option or change the quantity if you wish by entering it manually on quantity field. Click on proceed to go ahead. You will be lead to Delivery Information Page.
  • At Delivery Information Page – Change the address, if you have added the wrong address. You can choose the right shipping method – FEDEX Ground,FEDEX 2 Day and Standard Overnight and click on Proceed. You’ll be lead to Payment Information Page.
  • At Payment Information Page – Check payment method: Credit Card /Debit Card, PayPal and Pay after Approval of Artwork. After adding payment information, you can upload artwork and click on Complete Order. You can also send us artwork at .
Post Ordering

Once you are done with the ordering, you will receive an e-mail conformation (on the mail id which you used during registration). If you haven’t attached an art work while ordering or wish to create a new art, you can simply send us a mail.

After finishing the ordering formalities on your part, our customer service executive will contact you through an email and will cater to you personally. This promotional product expert will review, suggest and confirm your order. If the confusions persist, then they may call you personally to understand your requirements.

After finishing the detail, our team will start create mockup representations for your order and you’ll receive a link to ‘e-proof’ within next 24 hours. You can make any suggestions for improvements and changes until you get what you want. We offer “free revisions”.

Remember, nothing is queued into production without seeking your approval. After art work approval, payment is required. The production is immediately started after confirming your payment. It is shipped within 3-7 business days depending on the volume of order.


This section leads you through artwork requirements and other formalities associated with its processing. –

What kind of artwork is accepted by you and how should I send it? What if I don’t have any artwork?

Take it easy! You can send artwork in .PS, .EPS, .AI, .PDF and so on. We are also accepting JPEG image files with the condition that it should be greater than 300 DPI. You can either attach it with your order or email us . If you don’t have an artwork, then our team can create it for you from scratch for FREE! Just communicate your needs to our customer care representative and stay motivated because we are going to send you FREE e-DESIGN PROOF within the next 24 hours!

What are the things that I should keep in mind while sending the artwork?
  • While sending the designs, you need to ensure that only files in electronic format should be sent (as it becomes easier for us to edit).
  • All important information should be contained within the image and about 1/8th margin should be left towards the edge.
  • Convert fonts to outlines and pats for better clarity.
  • Choose CMYK color mode.
Do you retain my artwork?

Yes, we do retain it. The artwork will be reused when you decide to re-order.

Can I avail PMS match?

Yes, you can avail PMS match. There are a few products where due to material differences you may not get the exact PMS match. If you are dissatisfied with the PMS match then our team will be happier to help you out. You can always choose the imprint color in the specification window given against every product.


If you are eager to know how your products are shipped to homes then keep reading this section.

How soon will you deliver my order?

Production time depend upon your order quantity and the item you’ve chosen. Generally it takes 1-7 business days for the production and another 2-5 days depending on the mode of shipping you have chosen. All customers can choose from FedEx (2 day shipping) and Standard Overnight.

Can I split my order and ship it to two different locations?

Yes, we do offer split shipping. The shipping charges and conditions may vary depending on the situation. Get in touch with our customer care executive @ 855-993-5274 (Toll Free) to know more about your possibilities of availing split shipping benefits.

Where do you ship to?

  • All USA states and territories, excluding PO Boxes
  • All Canada provinces and territories
    Receiver is responsible for any applicable duties, taxes and fees.
  • Not all shipping methods are available for all shipping addresses or for certain items.

What are the regular production and delivery times?

There are many factors that will affect production and delivery times. Orders are subject to possible standard shipping and production delays that are out of our control. However, if you are working with a tight time frame, please contact our customer service department at 855-993-5274 and we will do our best to help you out with rush production and/or expedited shipping.


This is how you can help us by making the payment at the right time.

What are the types of payments that you accept?

We accept payments through Credit Cards/Debit Card and PayPal.

When is my credit card charged? Do you need any pre-payment?

You can make payment at the time of ordering with any above mentioned payment methods or you can pay after the art approval. Your credit card will be charged the moment you enter the details on our website.

Privacy recognizes your privacy and online security. We want you to believe it is safe to do business with us. You can view the privacy policy here.

General Ordering Information

Why, how, what’s -of ordering are addressed under this section.

What if I order less than minimum?

You cannot order less than the required minimum . Our system is calibrated to follow minimum quantities and it is already set by default against all orders. In special cases, you can always check with us by contacting us @ or calling our customer care executive @855-993-5274.

What if I receive less or more than my order?

It will be unlikely that you will receive an order less than or more than your original requirement and if it happens then you will be charged for what is shipped.

What are set up charges?

We charge $39 towards the set up fee and it is used for creating imprint symbols.

Do I need to pay set up fee on reorder?

We don’t charge anything on exactly the same re-order and our registered customers can avail the benefits of this facility.

Do I need to pay a sales tax separately?

Sales tax is included within the charges, so actually you are paying only what you see on the screen at the end of ordering page.

Can I get a free sample?

Free samples are offered for certain flashlight samples on this website. You need to check with us to know more about the same. Samples being shipped outside of the USA, Hawaii or Alaska will require payment of shipping charges. Get in touch with our customer care executive @855-993-5274 to know more.

Can I cancel my order or go for some last minute changes?

You can cancel or change the order only before going into production. Once your order gets into production we cannot help you with cancellation or change. You can change your order only when we send you an art set up.

How will I know if a product has enough stock?

We make every effort to maintain accurate inventory with our production facilities; however, stock may vary day to day. Please confirm availability with customer service.


If you are sending us trademarks or logos for an order then you are warranting that the artwork originally belongs to you.


Guarantees are always a part of a fair business process. We have a list of what you are all set to gain by doing business with us.

Do you offer low price guarantee?

Yes , we do offer low price guarantee. If you find a total lower base price for the product than ours on any other competitor’s website then you can approach us with the valid proof within 30 days from ordering. After validating, we’ll refund the difference to you at the earliest.

What if I am unsatisfied with my order?

If you are unsatisfied with the order due to some manufacturing defects or shipping defects then you can always contact us and convey your grievances. If we find the issue genuine, our team will help sort the matter with ease.

Flashlight Help Center

Flashlights are emergency lighting sources found in many homes and they are largely employed for lighting at night or in cramped dark spaces. You may think it’s pretty easy to hunt at any local store and buy the first flashlight that you lay your eyes on. However, it is not so. There are many things which you should consider while buying flashlights. Look below to know the different aspects involved with flashlights. This section reflects the wisdom that we gained from customer interaction and our vast industrial experience.

Why do I need to buy a flashlight when I can use inbuilt mobile torches or small lanterns?

This is a valid point as mostly today’s people are habitual of using inbuilt mobile torches or small lanterns. The best thing though about having a flashlight is that it can serve you during emergencies. Most flashlights are lighted by LED and powered by batteries which last 100000 hours or more, whereas mobile torches may wee off after the battery charge runs out. These flashlights are offered in different shapes and sizes and are easy to carry around, too. You can choose the right one depending on the situation. Remember there is no single flashlight which works in all situations.

Which flashlight should I carry for emergencies?

Custom crank flashlights are considered the best during emergencies such as natural calamities or some other man inflicted dangers because you don’t need to worry about batteries. You can generate power by cranking it. You must have this flashlight in your emergency kit during harsh weather conditions or even at regular times.

Which flashlight should I carry for camping?

Lantern flashlights are considered good for camping because they illuminate a large area.

How should I maintain the flashlight?

Flashlights are generally made up of durable material, still you need to take care of a couple of things while using them. Keep the batteries charged and take them out if you are not using it regularly. Try to store the flashlight at cool and dry place.

What type of flashlights should I prefer in general?

You can buy the flashlights depending on the use, material and budget. You can select from categories such as keychain flashlights, Maglite flashlights, metal flashlights, plastic flashlights, rubber flashlights, multi-tool flashlights, carabineer flashlights and key tags flashlights.

Useful Tips
Quick Contact
  • Q.

    Do you retain my artwork?

  • A.

    Yes, we do retain it. The artwork will be reused when you decide to re-order.

  • Q.

    What are the types of payments that you accept?

  • A.

    We accept payments through Credit Cards/Debit Card and PayPal.

What Our
Customer's Say?

Hi, Just received my order of flashlights, which I have placed 3 days ago. They have turned out well and also carry good print. Thanks for all your indulgence from order to shipping process and beyond.

Jamie Mc Queen
Sacramento, CA

When the door bell chimed, I couldn’t believe my eyes, a huge box of promotional flashlight was forwarded to me by a smiling delivery man. I have not expected that it will be delivered within 3 days. Also, many of my friends whom I handed over imprinted flashlight during Christmas party called me up to say that quality is good and business messages are imprinted in attractive way. Thanks guys for all your support and good work.

Teresa Ray
San Diego, CA