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Maglite LED Flashlights – Why you can never go wrong without them?

Today, flashlights are emerging as popular lighting and gifting choice and are loved by people throughout world. Maglite LED flashlight props up as a first choice, when someone tries to invest in flashlights. This is because it offers them best value for money and serves them longer than other lighting choice. If you are still doubtful about their reliability, then here are some reasons, why you should make up mind to utilize them.

Maglite Flashlights

  • Lasting Power – Maglites are basically created to generate a feeling of reliability and strength with a viewer. This is the reason why it is slowly becoming one of the most favored choices amongst emergency services, police, rescue operations, and fire departments because they won’t crack even when dropped.
  • Incredible Battery Life – The old incandescent light bulb is known to leech energy from batteries and heats up the surroundings. Maglite is illuminated with LED technology, which uses light emitting diodes to generate light. This is a very reliable and efficient way of light generation and it prolongs the battery life for couple of years. Also, there is no need to keep on changing the batteries every now and then.
  • Brighter Illumination – This term may ring with many oldies who still believe that incandescent bulbs are brighter than the regular LEDs. This is not true because Maglite is considered even brighter than many of its energy consuming and so called “bright contemporaries”. It is illuminated with multiple LEDs, while drawing very small energy. Also, unlike the incandescent bulbs there is no fear of burning up the filaments because flashlights utilize very less energy.

Maglite Flashlights

  • Longer Shelf Life – The LED technology utilized in flashlight does not have filament burning issue as observed with many incandescent bulbs. They are generally tested to last 100, 000 hours, which is about 4100 days of usage. In most of the homes these LEDs are utilized for certain time periods say 4 or 5 hours, which means it is tend to last even longer than expected.
  • Water and Shock Proof – Maglite flashlights can be easily adjusted as per the requirement. They are equipped with rubber O rings, which make them water and shock resistant. This means you can easily change their intensity without worrying about water or sweat seeping inside.  Also, they are anodized inside and out to prevent corrosion. The knurl design of the body makes it easier to hold and carry during all times.
  • Safety accessory – Maglite never fails to serve you. You can carry them as a safety measure and use it to blind the attacker or even thrash them with its bottom, without the fear of spoiling it.

All these factors go in making it one of the most sought after lighting and promotional choices of all time!

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