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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Why Maglites Make Perfect Christmas Promotional Gifts

Custom 2AA Mini MagLite with Swiss Army Climber Knife

Custom Maglites have many unique features that put it ahead in the league of promotional goods. These Made in USA flashlights that are designed for the outdoors have been reliable sources of light for the army personnel, campers and hiking and adventure sports lovers among others since time immemorial! The sturdy metal body that can […]

Custom Flashlight Keychains – Some Of The Best Models For 2015

Custom Bottle Opener Keychain Flashlights

With the Summer season just round the corner, people are busy finalizing their holiday plans, packing their camping kits and putting together the summer kits. As always flashlights would be one of the most popular items in preparedness kits to cater to any unforeseen emergencies. Going by the immense popularity of custom keychain flashlights it […]