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Monthly Archives: November 2016

How Custom maglites double pull as personal defense items


Flashlights are not just handy sources of light but make excellent personal defense items that keep people safe and reassured. Be it to survey the dark areas or to explore the mysterious shadows darting across the wall, flashlights make essential items in any emergency kit. A flashlight is something people carry with them at all […]

3 Best Selling Custom Metal Flashlights For Winter Promotions


Durable and elegant, custom metal flashlights have always been popular among customers. Metal LED flashlights fare well as tradeshow gifts, store promotional items, holiday season promotions and more. These will make veritable items in auto safety kits and emergency boxes at homes, offices and cars. Marketers who are looking for a well retained gift item […]

Custom Flashlights – The Top Three Top Sellers That Are Worth A Closer Look


Though winter is the time for most people to think about their flashlights, these custom items infact are something that we all need all round the year, 24 x 7! Be it as a safety item, a source of light or a trendy multi tool, these logo items will never fail to grab the attention […]

Dec 21 is National Flashlight Day- Plan your promotions


Celebrate the National Flashlight Day with some logo imprinted Flashlights in your corporate gift bag this year. These make excellent tradeshow gifts as well and every time your recipients are out on a dark winter night, these logo lights will come to their aid and your brand will enjoy their goodwill. National Flashlight Day, which […]

Top Six Reasons To Use Custom LED Flashlights For Brand Promotions


Winter season is only a few weeks away; as the daylight saving ended and the clocks turned back for an hour, people are already coping with longer nights. So, for marketers looking for a promotional item that enjoys a high utility value and retention, LED flashlights will make an excellent choice. Before we introduce you […]

Grab The Best Deals On Custom Flashlights Just In Time For Winter


Flashlights are not just a reliable source of light to counter darkness but essential items in auto and home safety kits during winter season. Though everyone needs an easily accessible light source at the tip of their hands, interestingly not many people care to buy it for themselves. This is what makes custom flashlights highly […]

Custom Flashlights Make Thoughtful Gifts That Everyone May Need This Winter


Winter is closing by and people are already enduring the longer nights of the fall season. Emergencies can happen when we least expect them, so handing out these custom flashlights that come to the aid of your clients in those moments will truly show how much your company cares. Flashlights are not just for home […]