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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Custom Flashlight Buying Guide

Everything you wanted to know about flashlights – What are flashlights? Flashlights are the devices that emanate light through a LED or a light bulb. They are offered in almost all shapes, designs, colors and sizes that are perceivable to a human conscience. Not all flashlights are created equal (although they serve the same process […]

Benefits of Investing in a Multi tool Flashlight for Gifting

Customized LED Light with Pen and Carabiner

Multitool flashlight is another name for high utility value at cost effective prices. As the name would suggest, these may comprise of light source + tools of daily use. Some of the benefits of investing in a multi tool flashlight are – Serves many purposes at one price Multi tool flashlights serves many purposes at […]

Best Multitool Flashlights for National Flashlight Day

Personalized Emergency Multi Tool LED Light

Multitool flashlights are going to be the highlight on this National Flashlight Day and ever after. Do you know why? Keep going……… December 21- National Flashlight Day is going to be special due to various reasons. It marks beginning of winter solstice with longest night and shortest day (of the year). Also, it marks the […]

A Deep Insight into Tactical Flashlights

Tactical flashlights

What are tactical flashlights? Tactical flashlights are the flashlights that can be used for tactical purposes such as using during military or police purposes. These flashlights are largely employed for safety purposes and are largely preferred by police and other emergency services during emergency operations. Many times these flashlights are designed to be operated with […]

Flashlights and Flashlight Games for Winter Fun

Flashlight Adventures

“Excitement unlimited” aptly characterizes the joyousness of winter holidays. It takes little more than roasted turkey and campfires to ignite the joyousness in chilling winters. Why don’t you do it different this year with flashlight adventures?! Grab any of these flashlights and get ready to play. Keychain flashlight– Easy to manage and carry around, they […]

Have you ever thought of celebrating National Flashlight Day with Keychain Flashlights?

Custom Whistle Light Keychains

National Flashlight Day is observed on 21st December and coincides with winter solstice. The nights get longer and days shorter, which means need to invest in stronger light sources to avoid darkness. Then why are we suggesting you to go for a keychain flashlight for the occasion? Here are our solid reasons for supporting this […]

Why do Metal Flashlights Make an Elegant Gifting Choice on National Flashlight Day?

Triple Action Pocket Light

We would say metal flashlights make an elegant gifting choice on National Flashlight Day. Why so? Keep going to know why? Spell allure You may ask then what about other forms of flashlight regularly used in our homes and offices. We’d say they may rate high in terms of price savings or even utility value, […]

Why Should You Gift Away Maglite Flashlights on National Flashlight Day

 Custom Torpedo Flashlights

Have you ever thought of gifting away a Maglite flashlight on a National Flashlight Day? No? Then you should seriously start pondering over it because there are 4 strong reasons behind it – Battery ……….. No Way Do you know when is National Flashlight Day celebrated? December 21st on every year. That is also the […]

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Plastic Flashlights for National Flashlight Day

Personalized Heart Flashlights

Buying wholesale plastic flashlights for National Flashlight Day is beneficial by loads, but let’s get started with the day and why you should take bulk gifting seriously. We would say don’t allow your family and friends to feel gloomy and dark on a National Flashlight Day on December 21st. It is still unclear about how […]