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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Custom Flashlights – A Functional Gift To Reach Out To Every genre of customers


Choosing a custom item that the customers will actually use is easier said than done. Have you ever thought how many of your customers will actually use a seat cushion with your logo on it or the golf balls? Not many. So, if you have been looking for a logo item that everyone will surely […]

Custom Carabiner Flashlights – Go Hands Free!

branding using custom carabiner flashlights

Spring season is in its glory and for most people it is time to plan a camping holiday or activities like hiking or fishing that will give them their share of adrenalin spurt! For marketers too it makes a great time to promote their brands and to make their message part of their adventurous outdoor […]

Custom Maglite Flashlights- The Best Hand Out For The Outdoor Season


Maglites have a million odd specialties worth celebrating. These American made flashlights are well known for its heavy duty design and seamless performance that makes it a favorite choice of the outdoorsy people, camping enthusiasts and more. It is a staple in any outdoor loving person’s kit. Before unveiling some of the best selling models […]

Custom Metal Flashlights – Leave A Glowing Trail For Your Brand


Metal flashlights are perennially popular among promotional items because everyone needs it. Be it to light up the way to retrieve articles from the dark attic or during road trips and camping holidays, flashlights are something that not many people can overlook. Let’s be frank about it! A custom flashlight is an incredibly handy tool […]

Check Out These Irresistible Special Offers On Custom Flashlights


Flashlights are something everyone needs in their daily lives. Be it to find their way in the dark, to retrieve those lost keys in the car park or to bring home the naughty poodle in the garden at night- flashlights relate to countless basic needs of humans . However, these functional items have undergone a […]

Plastic Flashlights – The Cool And Casual Gifts To Promote Your Brand


Reports show that the most popular in business gifts are the ones that people find useful and simple to use. Personalized plastic flashlights will make a powerful marketing choice for advertisers who are working on a low budget. Versatile, colorful and simple, plastic flashlights will infuse a casual vibe to even a low key campaign. […]