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Monthly Archives: March 2017

What Makes Custom Maglites Great Promotional Items


Maglites are truly unique as these are designed, patented and manufactured in the U.S.A. Apart from being a functional daily use item for home, office or cars, it will make an effective promotional gift or a delightful way to celebrate the national pride. Maglites have a precision machined high-strength aluminum alloy case, which makes it […]

Unveiling Our Best Selling Custom Keychain Flashlights For Everyone Who Look For Nothing But The Best


Everyone uses flashlights in their daily lives to light up their way and stay safe. From the hand held flames of the past to the grand dad’s favorite model of the hefty 8 cell battery metal torches to the trendy combo flashlight models that double pull as keychains, multitools and more, flashlights have come a […]

Promotional Flashlights Earn Consistent Brand Impression At Easy Rates


Custom flashlights are a bright idea to put your brand right into the hands of your recipients. Functional and something everyone uses on a daily basis, flashlights make versatile gift ideas that will never fail to impress the recipients. Studies show that functional gifts enjoy the longest retention and popularity among the recipients. Great for […]