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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Custom Flashlight Recommendations for Power Outages

Custom Tower Key-Lights

Everyone loves to have spare flashlight in their drawer because they may aid during emergencies. But how many of them would survive the emergency or power outage? This remains the big question. Should you solely rely on batteries? Should you invest in some alternative flashlight sources, which are not cent percent reliable on batteries? Answering […]

Things to Consider While Buying from an Online Flashlight Store

Personalized 3 LED Camping Light

If you are convinced that you have to gift away promotional flashlights during next tradeshow, perhaps the next concern would be where to buy from and how should I go about it? Panic not you will find answers for all your questions through this blog – Check if the online store under consideration offers enough […]

What are Popular under $1 Promotional Flashlight Products?

Promotional Flashlight

Promotional flashlights come in different sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and budget sizes. You can avail them according to your personal & promotional preferences, budget and other requirements. However, if you are scouting for best promotional flashlights under $1, then following choices are simply the great- Pocket Whistle Keychain Flashlights: These flashlights serve double purpose – […]

What do Marketers and Customers Look in Custom Flashlight Products?

Lighting is the main purpose of any custom flashlight product, don’t you agree? However, the expectations may vary from a marketer to the customer. Here is what each look in custom imprinted flashlight products– Marketers Durability: Although promotional flashlights are designed to last, marketers can assure that the one, which they are engaging for value […]

Which Custom Flashlights to Gift on Different Occasions?

Plastic Flashlights

There is no dearth of choices, when it comes to custom flashlights, but how they fare through different occasions, and when can you easily gift them. Read this blog to get answers to these questions and start making your choice right away. Tradeshows: They are the events, where you can expect to strike with people […]

Which Custom Flashlights to Choose for Summer Promotions in 2014?

Summer Custom Flashlights

With bright sunny days in foresight, people are perhaps busier to chart their holiday plans, buy their summer skin care products and building their summer kits. As usual they are also going to include flashlights in preparedness kits although it may not be required more often. If you wish to acknowledge your customers this summer, […]

Which Promotional Flashlight Items May Bring You Marketing Success?

Maglite Flashlights:

If you have taken decision to promote your brand through promotional flashlights, this means you are putting the right step forward. If you are confused about which flashlights to seek for promotions, then here you go- Keychain Flashlights: They are the most affordable of all flashlights employed for marketing purposes. These flashlights are safest bet […]

Why Cheaper may Mean the Good with Promotional Flashlights?

Customized Ribbon Reflector Lights

Most people leave under wrong impression that cheap priced promotional products mean cheaper quality and zero utility. However, that is not true when it comes to promotional flashlights, which are cheaply priced. These flashlights may be cheaper than others, but they do serve the purpose expected from them. Following are some cheaper promotional flashlights, which […]

Why Marketing Seems Easier with Promotional Flashlight Items?

Personalized Tower Key-Lights

If you are searching for a unique marketing tool that not only helps to catapult your brand name, but also brings you easy acceptance from masses, go for promotional flashlight items!  Yes that’s right. Shrewd marketers know even after spending on big budget advertisements or tradeshows or dealer meets, there is always the other brand, […]

Why Should Online Retailers Indulge with Promotional Flashlights During Brand Building?

keychain Flashlights

“I have spent on Google advertising and social media marketing, why hell should I be bothered about marketing through promotional products?” The answer is there are lot more people out there who don’t know about your brand. You are only accessible to techno savvy customers or clients, whereas there is still a large portion of […]