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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Custom Flashlights make great handouts for Firefighters’ Day

Custom LED Scope Lantern Flashlights

Fire Fighters do one of the most important and risky jobs to ensure the safety of people. To honor firefighters, every year May 4th is observed as fire fighters day. Businesses who wish to be part of this great day can plan awareness campaigns or hand out custom gifts to honor the contributions of firefighters. […]

How Custom Flashlights Will Pack More Punch To Your Promotions

How Custom Flashlights Will Pack More Punch To Your Promotions

Flashlights have always been popular promotional gifts with staying power for marketers simply because everyone needs flashlights everyday! We at US Flashlights have a range of custom flashlights in all possible models and price rates that can enhance your brand visibility and customer attention. Promotional flashlights will help you to engage your recipients with your […]

The Big Promotional Advantage of Multi-Function Flashlights

Customized Aluminum LED Torch with Bottle Opener

Flashlights make a must to have item in any travel and emergency kits. Now that most people are making plans for outdoor trips, camping holidays and adventure trips, custom flashlights will make a perfect promotional gift to make your message part of their holidays. We at US flashlights sell a lot of flashlights in a […]