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The Big Promotional Advantage of Multi-Function Flashlights

Flashlights make a must to have item in any travel and emergency kits. Now that most people are making plans for outdoor trips, camping holidays and adventure trips, custom flashlights will make a perfect promotional gift to make your message part of their holidays. We at US flashlights sell a lot of flashlights in a range of styles, sizes and price rates and we have seen that the multi function flashlights enjoy a slight edge over the ordinary models among outdoor clients.

So, here is a quick look at some of our top selling flashlights that can do a lot more than just lighting up the way.

LED torch with bottle opener : This next generation flashlights are great for hikers, campers and in fact anyone who travels a lot or remains outdoors due to their hobbies or work. LED torch with bottle openers will make a popular gift idea to generate goodwill. Customized aluminum LED torch with bottle opener offers double benefit for a single investment! This budget friendly gift features a bottle opener and carabiner attachment and it is driven by 6 white LED lights. The LED technology has made flashlights eco friendly, long lasting, brighter and above all compact. This combo set has long shelf life due to its bottle opener attachment, which means people are bound to retain it even when LED’s stop functioning!Customized Aluminum LED Torch with Bottle Opener

3 in one multi function tools: These multi function tools that feature knife, White LED Light and Bottle Opener is another popular option that can be considered in multi function flashlights. Apart from showing your recipients their way, these logo gifts will come to their aid as a bottle opener or a handy knife for school organizations, Scouts, or any other groups that have to tackle challenging situations and dark nights in alien places.Custom 3 In 1 Multi-Function Tools

Whistle, light and compass flashlights : Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere is one of the possibilities that any hiker or camper will dread to think about. These multi tool flashlights that can be imprinted with your logo and message will ensure the safety of your recipients by guiding them back to safety with compass, light and safety whistles. These make great hand outs during safety awareness campaigns and for promoting emergency services, scout groups and adventure tour operators. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how easily these will surely attract the attention of everyone around. Afterall they know that it is better to be safe than sorry!Custom Whistle, Light and Compass Keychains

Screwdriver flashlights: A screw driver is as useful as a flashlight in our daily lives. However, when we need it the most, it is unlikely to find one at easy access. So, hand out the best of both the worlds by offering these combo gifts that come handy during any emergency situations and DIY sessions. Your recipients will surely love your brand for being considerate to their needs. Order in bulk to avail the best rates and discounts.Custom Screwdriver Metal Flashlights

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