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Monthly Archives: April 2014

3 Reasons for Including a Flashlight in Winter Storm Emergency Kit

Flashlight in a Winter Storm Emergency Kit

Winter is about to start, perhaps you might be in hurry to stock winter essentials. Woolen clothes, lip balms, hand sanitizers, petroleum jelly….. the decision is already made, but what about a winter storm emergency kit? Have you thought of including a flashlight in it? No. Then you should do it immediately because a good […]

Add Sparkle to Your Business with Promotional Maglite Torches

Logo Imprinted AA Mini MagLite with Leatherman Wave

As a business you would always love to be seen, heard and remembered, isn’t it. Without marketing you cannot achieve this target. You might have perhaps tried it all – paper pamphlets, billboards, television advertisements, radio advertisements, promotional items, etc. Marketing with promotional items is more beneficial than others because you are inching closer to […]

Best LED Flashlights for Winter Usage

Personalized Candle Bright Dual Lantern

Winter is a season, where we strive hard to keep ourselves warm, safe and healthy.  It is also the time, when there is always need to stay equipped with secondary light sources. Today, you can find lots of flashlights, which lights up your life and aids you to wade through bad weather spells with ease.  […]

Choosing Right Kind of LED Flashlights for Winter Camping

LED Flashlights

Winter camping is extremely adventurous and exciting affair for many. At times, camping in cold can be equally excruciating and torturous, too. So, before the trip, you need to do lots of planning to ensure safety. LED flashlights are one thing, which you should always carry on a winter camping trip. Because lighting is a […]

Tips for Choosing Right LED Flashlights for Daily Use

 Personalized Candle Bright Dual Lantern

Secondary lighting is a crucial element and using the right kind of lighting at office and home is very important thing. LED technology has transformed the lives for better and you can easily avail them for all types of use. Here is a guide for choosing the right kind of LED flashlight for your day […]

Why Should You Gift Away a Crank Flashlight?

Crank Flashlight

Crank flashlights or wind up flashlights are the portable flashlights, which are often preferred during emergencies such as wind storms, lightening, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunami/flooding, blown out transformers, etc.  They are designed to work during emergency situations, which means you should seriously consider them for gifting, too! A brief introduction….. Crank up flashlights can easily bear […]

Creative Uses for Flashlight

Laser pointer

Flashlights do light up your lives and aid you to safety, but they do fulfill your creatively, if you wish to. You can find them in all shapes, sizes, designs and colors; also creatively involve them to build- Pet safety light – Most times people are advised to carry light, when they take their pets […]

Thanksgiving Flashlights 2012

Thanksgiving Flashlights

Thanksgiving is here and it’s a time to forget worries, egos and get connected socially. Gifting is definitely a very big hobby during this season and people would love to get indulged in it this year too. Every year people spend lots of time in making final decision on gifting and end up repeating the […]

Why should you seek Custom Heart Keychain Flashlights?

Personalized Dual Function LED Blinking Lights

Custom heart keychain flashlights are very attractive and slowly becoming one of the most favored gifting choices. There are certain factors, which contribute to its popularity. Adorability – Heart symbol is always synonymous for divine love and it is one of the widely accepted symbols throughout the world. Those who wish to win others affection […]

Winter Disaster Preparedness with LED Flashlights

LED Flashlights

Winter is a season of festivities and people look forward to it for celebrating with their family and friends.  It is equally tainted for disasters and calamities caused due to atmospheric disturbances. Winter disaster preparedness is a very important thing in this season and you can easily do it by storing different essentials. This blog […]