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Monthly Archives: April 2014

How to use LED flashlight for defense during an Outing?

LED flashlight

No matter, how experienced and confident a hiker or adventure seeker or a layman is, the unpredictability of situation during a pleasure outing can jeopardize their lives. A forced injury, sudden atmospheric variations, accident, a simple navigational error, or confrontation with a wild animal – can easily square anyone into an emergency situation.  Many times […]

Imprinted Maglite Solitaire – What Good They May Do to Your Business?

Maglite Flashlights April 14

Imprinted Maglite Solitaire – the very term means trust, reliability and security that you generally expect from an ideal promotional gift. Maglite flashlights have survived the competition of bests, over the years due to their highly brilliant performance profile and technical crafting. These flashlights are widely employed for safety and emergency purposes by users because […]

Benefits of Investing in Key chains with Flashlights

Keychain Flashlights

Keychain is one must-have, if you own a car, home or locker, isn’t it? You have perhaps used them for gifting purposes, too. What if you upgrade your simple keychain for keychain with flashlight? By making this decision, you are certainly going to benefit on this areas – Portability Key chain is compact and portable, […]

Seven Ways to Use Custom Maglite Torches

Custom Maglite Torches

Custom Maglite torches make wonderful brand symbols, no doubt about it. You might be one lucky amongst the crowd to grab one during tradeshows or some other promotional events. As many others, you might have used them only a torch during emergency situations, but here are 7 ways of making best use of them – […]

Tips to Choose Right Flashlight for Your Camping Trip

Personalized Extending Lantern Flashlight

Camping in wilderness or mountains is an adventure, which sets room for fantasies and offers salvation to many bored people who wish to run away from pressures of regular life. Camping is a good way to relax and rejuvenate, when pressures of life start bogging you down. Checking on probable risks Camper arriving late at […]

Maglite LED Flashlights – Why you can never go wrong without them?

Maglite Flashlights

Today, flashlights are emerging as popular lighting and gifting choice and are loved by people throughout world. Maglite LED flashlight props up as a first choice, when someone tries to invest in flashlights. This is because it offers them best value for money and serves them longer than other lighting choice. If you are still […]

How are Metal, Rubber and Plastic Flashlights Different?

Metal, rubber and plastic flashlights are separated by 360 degrees and each possesses a unique quality of its own. If you are getting confused about the right choice for countering any situation then following distinction will help you – Metal Rubber Plastic Strong, Durable and ExpensiveThis is the reason, why they make a unique gifting […]

Why do flashlights make good winter promotional product?

Customized Led Scope Lantern Flashlight

Choosing a right kind of promotional product may be a thing of concern for many marketers who wish to offer safe and carefree holiday season to their customers. Hand sanitizers, winter formals, and ice removing tools – have become very common gifts, but marketers are growing up to the idea of lighting up lives by […]

Why do Custom Mini Maglite LED Make a Smart Choice for Business Gifting?

Maglite Flashlights

The custom Mini MagLite LED makes a smart and eligible choice for business gifting due to their appreciable performance- oriented features and marketing flexibilities. Here are certain features, which are sure to bowl you out of senses and grab it immediately for your next tradeshow gifting – Powered by 2 AA batteries – This flashlight […]

Maglite LED Flashlights: 5 Reasons Why They are Worth Consideration for Brand Building

Custom Printed MagLite Mini

Maglite LED flashlights are becoming favored gifitng choice for many marketers and individuals. If you are still hesistant to involve them in campaigning, then you should read this blog, where we have elucidated 5 reasons for choosing them for brand building. Serves longer Incandescent light sources were powered with batteries and they produced lot of […]