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How to use LED flashlight for defense during an Outing?

No matter, how experienced and confident a hiker or adventure seeker or a layman is, the unpredictability of situation during a pleasure outing can jeopardize their lives. A forced injury, sudden atmospheric variations, accident, a simple navigational error, or confrontation with a wild animal – can easily square anyone into an emergency situation.  Many times it becomes impossible to carry weapons of defense along the trip and in such situations LED flashlights can be used for the same. Here is how you can go about it-

LED flashlight

  • Be seen
    This is very important aspect of self defense. You may not be heard easily, if you are stranded on higher altitudes, in this case LED light is a better choice because it can be easily spotted several miles away.Maglite and LED lanterns are two most powerful choices in this category. You can pack them during trips or regular outings. The new- age LED lanterns offer 100 hours of battery life and come with emergency strobe, which you be utilized for seeking attention in stranded areas or during emergencies such as floods, landslides, etc.  Some of these lanterns come with red emergency light, which makes it easier for anyone to see it from a distance.
  • Distract attackers
    As said LED flashlights are known for their high intensity beams and are good enough to scare away attackers. If you are defenseless with scarce options for escaping, then it is always better to drive away an attacker/animal by shining flashlight directly into their eyes. Even you can tactically use your low lumen flashlight to distract attacker because it is human tendency to recoil, when one comes in contact with light.
  • Use for striking down attacker
    It is always suggestive that you use durable tactical flashlights during outings. They act as a light source as well as a kubaton or fistload. Many times you might have seen police and emergency service officials using them as defense weapon during emergency operations or while chasing criminals. So, why not you?! Today, you can choose from broad collection of mini LED flashlights on reputed online stores selling flashlights. Best part is these flashlights can be easily carried in pockets or backpacks during travel and also make a reliable choice for bulk gifting.
  • Use it for signaling for help
    You can use flashlight for signaling for help. You can send three light signals in the direction where you feel people would be more responsive or attentive. This type of signaling people to understand that someone is in despair and require their help.

By packing LED flashlights during an outing, you are actually increasing your chances of staying safe or leading others to safety.

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