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Monthly Archives: May 2017

A Quick Guide On How To Choose The Right Custom Flashlight


A reliable source of light can make us feel safe and well assured and having the right type of lighting for home, office or for their cars can save the day and keep them safe. Now that the outdoor season is fully on, people will be busy planning camping, trekking and adventure activities where they […]

Custom Hands-Free LED Lights That Will Come Handy In Any Emergency Situation


Gone are the days when flashlights were designed to be carried around. Now when we are living in an age of multi tasking where people juggle a lot of tasks at the same time, hands free flashlights have become the norm. Apart from offering the convenience of being a go-on-the-grab flashlights, these become a highly […]

Keychain Flashlights – Light Up Your Promotions in style

Custom Slim Rectangular Flashlight with 8 Colors

Companies are always on the look out for inspiring and innovative ways to promote their brand and to boost sales. News paper ads and TV spots fail to give any lasting results as people forget once the ad passes. To put the brand fresh in the minds of people with a short attention span is […]

Custom Flashlights – The Perfect Father’s Day Gifts For The Outdoorsy Dads


Father’s Day is almost here and it is time for kids to shop for the best gifts in town for their doting dads. Sock, Ties. Golf balls… If you think you are done with most of the custom gift ideas, it is high time to turn your gaze towards these daily use items of personalized […]

How Custom Flash Lights Will Make A Perfect Fund Raising Item For Memorial Day


Memorial Day is a perfect time for all to remember the sacrifices made by the brave soldiers and to honor the fallen heroes who laid down their lives to safeguard the freedom of the nation. For businesses, it is a great time to make their brand part of this great day by handing out themed […]