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Custom Hands-Free LED Lights That Will Come Handy In Any Emergency Situation

Gone are the days when flashlights were designed to be carried around. Now when we are living in an age of multi tasking where people juggle a lot of tasks at the same time, hands free flashlights have become the norm. Apart from offering the convenience of being a go-on-the-grab flashlights, these become a highly efficient, energy saving emergency kit item as well. No matter whether you are on a hiking trip or a fishing holiday or an avid DIY enthusiast, these logo items will come handy to light your way! So, marketers who are looking for a perfect flashlight for the outdoor season, here are some fabulous hands free lights that will surely make your brand popular among your recipeints.


  • LED Lantern
    Duo LED Lantern with 4 Panel that can emit 360o lighting in two brightness modes of 30 LEDs or 60 LEDs are great for hunting and fishing holidays and camping. The hands free convenience coupled with a reliable performance makes these flashlights a great choice for the outdoorsy clients.

Custom Imprinted Duo LED Lantern with 4 Panel

  • LED Zipper Pull
    Zipper Puller Safety Flashlights are time tested lighting sources and a survival tool for trekkers , anglers and adventure holiday makers as they traverse thick jungles and deep waters. These can be clipped to the vest or jacket zipper, ensuring hands free convenience. These LED zipper pulls can provide light for hundreds of hours. Offered in various colors like Black, Lime Green, Blue and Red these flashlights have blinking or steady LED modes with simple ON/OFF mechanism.Customized Zipper Puller Safety Flashlights


  • Multi tool flashlights
    If someone has to work with tools and need light all at once, this Flashlight with Multi Tools will make a great choice. These flashlights feature one 0.5 watt aluminum flashlight and multi-tools such as bottle opener, wire cutter, tweezers, small knife, mini pliers, nail file, and hybrid flat Philips screwdriver, small and large screwdrivers and come with a lanyard for hands free convenience

Logo Imprinted Flashlight with Multi Tool

  • Mini clip lights
    Customized Mini Clip Lights feature a high intensity white LED light fixed on a versatile alligator clip that can be adjusted to provide a sharp and focused light wherever you need, leaving your hands free to work . These slip lights can be attached to car hood, tool box or even the tent canopy to provide an instant source of light and hands free convenience. Compact and long lasting, these make highly popular promotional items. Offered in a range of attractive colors, these custom flashlights can be imprinted with your brand and message to ensure the much desired portability and exposure.Customized Mini Clip Lights
  • LED Headlamp
    Be it a rescue mission, an outdoor holiday or a rugged trekking mission, these custom Watt Lux LED Pivoting Headlamps will ensure the absolute hands free convenience for the users. Fitting comfortably on the forehead, these light weight and powerful LED lamps feature 3 bright white LEDs and 2 red LEDs for night vision. The light is amplified by a magnifying lens and generates 80 hours of continuous light.Custom Watt Lux LED Pivoting Headlamps

LED flashlights are available in a range of models and price points and when you need a powerful light source even when your hands are not free to hold the light, one of these hands free models will make a perfect choice.

We have a lot more handy models; browse our collection and choose a model that suits your needs.


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