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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Low cost Promotional flashlights are here to stay – Know more

Custom Ventura Keychain Flashlights

Low in price, yet big in impact promotional gifts, these budget friendly flashlights that are available under 50 cents will make your branding promo a breeze. Beat the economic slowdown with thousands of promotional handouts at great prices with these flashlights that will cost you less than a kitkat! Surveys show that a big fat […]

Check out our free shipping offers to make your brand promo a budget friendly affair

Oval Custom Flashlights Keychain

Being a marketer, it could be of crucial importance for you to keep the business promotional costs at minimum without compromising on the visibility of your campaign. More than the costs of promotional gifts, it is the additional expenses like shipping charges that make the promotional costs to shoot up in most cases. Surveys show […]

Why use Promotional Flashlights in low budget campaigns

Custom MagLite Solitaire Pink

Promotional products undeniably are the most important ingredients in your company’s marketing strategy and for the best results you need to pick the best ones and serve. Promotional flashlights are budget friendly, functional and easy to distribute and marketers’ bank on its popular appeal in their promotions. Flashlights are available in a stunning range of […]

Custom Maglite make clear winners when quality matters

Custom Camouflage Mini MagLite

Custom Printed Flashlights make highly practical gifts that everyone will love to receive as free gifts. The popularity and the brand exposure powers of these gifts will go up further when these promotional gifts are of high quality and classic designs. This is where promotional maglites come into the bigger picture. If you have been […]

LED Flashlights make wonderful Father’s Day Gifts

Custom Printed Apollo Flashlights Royal Blue

Father’s Day is on the way and it is the time to find a perfect gift to celebrate the immense support and love of your father in your life! Though no gifts are enough to convey the gratitude and love towards these special ones, gifts will surely make delightful tokens of appreciation and love. Some […]

Ecofriendly Promotional Flashlights-put across your social commitment during brand promo

Custom Flashlight Key Chain w/12 Colors

Flashlights not just light up your brand but also light up their lives. But by choosing ecofriendly flashlights you can also convey your social commitment. Be it a natural catastrophe or a simple power outage, a flashlight makes a must to have tool anyone need to have in their car, workplace, or emergency kits. As […]

Custom key tag flashlights- Add a style quotient to your campaign

Customized Aluminum LED Brite Torch With Strap

Small is indeed beautiful! Flash lights have come a long way since their invention in 1899. These bold and cylindrical hand-held lighting sources have undergone a delightful transformation to take the form of sleek accessories such as keychain, multi tools, key tags and much more. Sleek and handy, there are personalized flashlights that fit easily […]

How Custom Carabiner Flashlights can enhance your marketing dynamics ?

Promotional Carabiner Torch Flashlight

An ideal promotional gift should be practical that your recipients will actually use in their lives. So, if you too are looking for an ideal promotional gift that your customers will never chuck out from their lives, then you can consider these custom carabiner flashlights. Budget friendly and elegant, these flash lights will never fail […]

Multi Tool Flashlights Make Value Added Gifts for an Effective Brand Promo

Custom Whistle, Light And Compass Key Chain

Across the world, people juggle multiple tasks to make the most of their time in hand and to keep up with the break neck speed of their lives. In this age of effortless information, people are empowered by smart gadgets and accessories that can do multiple tasks at the same time, thereby saving them a […]

Personalized Rubber Flashlights will turn the spotlight onto your logo

Customized Norfork Flashlight

Flashlights come to the rescue of people not just during emergency situations like floods and power outage but also during less dramatic situations like finding the keyhole or the ignition of a car in the dark. So offering a light to your customers can be reassuring to them while your brand logo gets reinforced. Personalized […]