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Ecofriendly Promotional Flashlights-put across your social commitment during brand promo

Flashlights not just light up your brand but also light up their lives. But by choosing ecofriendly flashlights you can also convey your social commitment. Be it a natural catastrophe or a simple power outage, a flashlight makes a must to have tool anyone need to have in their car, workplace, or emergency kits.

Custom Flashlight Key Chain w/12 Colors

As more and more people are growing concerned about the welfare of the planet, marketers make sure to come up with environment friendly promotional items during their brand promo. This will not only enhance their brand image but also spread awareness about this cause. These gifts will convey your message that you are concerned not just about logo promotion but also for the welfare of the environment. Ecofriendly logo imprinted flashlights will place your brand in a favorable image and build your brand and customer loyalty.

Here are some of our top selling ecofriendly flashlights that can be sought for your brand promotion.

Custom Credit Card Heart Shape LED w/1 Color This LED flash light that can easily be slipped into pockets and bags make a thoughtful gift to camping and outdoor sports enthusiasts or customers who travel frequently. Powered with environmental friendly Lithium batteries, it makes a good companion during travel, safety programs and self-promos.

Small Hand Powered Flashlight

Custom Flashlight Key Chain w/12 Colors This custom flashlight key chain combined with carbiner and flashlight features long life lithium batteries that continuously burn for 30 hours. This flashlight key chain has 3 years shelf time, and 70 mm carabiner makes it unique and easily distinguishable than other keychain LEDs. If you want to proclaim that your business stand strongly by the go green concept, hand out these gifts that will ensure more value for your every advertising dime.

Custom Solar Powered LED Flashlight w/6Colors This solar powered LED flashlight ensures bright light for the users for a long time. An ideal promotional gift all round the year, these flashlights stand out for their generous imprint area and can be handed out for safety programs, travel, camping, emergency and self promos.

Small Hand Powered Flashlight Makes an excellent environment friendly lighting source as it can illuminated by simply squeezing the device. It possess 2 high intensity white LED lights and its conspicuous imprint area of 1 ½ W x 5/8 H will put your logo and business message under spotlight forever.

Customized Hard Hat LED Key Chain: Is an adorable flashlight that is shaped like a hard hat that will light up when the recipients squeeze it. This eco friendly flashlight will give your clients a special reason to remember your logo.

Choosing an environment friendly flashlight will put your brand ahead of the competitors as people will remember your brand for being socially committed. Perfect for tradeshows, events, store openings and much more, these lights powered by lithium batteries are long lasting and will not add up to the landfill.

Ecofriendly flashlights can be bought at wholesale to ensure the best exposure for your brand at easy prices. Light weight, long lasting and easy to distribute, these flashlights will make instant headway into your customer base for its useful features coupled with the go green credentials.

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