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Check out our free shipping offers to make your brand promo a budget friendly affair

Being a marketer, it could be of crucial importance for you to keep the business promotional costs at minimum without compromising on the visibility of your campaign. More than the costs of promotional gifts, it is the additional expenses like shipping charges that make the promotional costs to shoot up in most cases.

Surveys show that free shipping is such an irresistible offer for most consumers. Nearly 70 percent preferred free shipping to faster shipping, which shows that the free shipping offer can literally sway the fortunes of any promo campaign!

Oval Custom Flashlights Keychain

Most marketers prefer to keep free shipping as their marketing tool of choice as it ensures not just an easy promotion but also better attention from the customers and more repeat sales.
So, the budget conscious marketers can check out our free shipping offer on selected models of custom flashlights.

Oval Custom Flashlights Keychain: These belong to the ever green league of classic flashlights, which never go out of fashion. This glow in the dark oval custom flashlight keychain with translucent edges is available in a palette of 5 colors. Imprint your logo and business message and your customers will love to get these freebies delivered free of cost. It is never too hard to spread a word about your logo with these flashlight keychains!

Custom The Pulsar Light Stick

Personalized Extending Lantern Flashlight: Personalized extending lantern flashlight is a value added gift option for marketers who look for more value for their money. This light source that serve as a strobe light, flashlight, or lantern can be conveniently hung using the hook. It makes a perfect gift to promote heavy duty industries, mechanical and engineering services, and manufacturing units.

The Pulsar Light Stick: Create a dramatic shadow play and a quirky lighting effect with these pulsar light stick, which can be managed by slow strobe and fast strobe function. The light stick comes with rope, which can be worn around the neck and spun to generate a cool visual effect. It makes a great give away during birthday parties and other personal occasions.

Custom Flashlights Rectangular Keychain Flashlights: well sought for its popular shape and design, These light weight plastic keychain flashlights make a good giveaway during brand promotional events like trade shows and conventions. Marketers can generate a quick interest in their products among their customers by relying on this custom flashlight.

Custom mini keychain lights are perfect for budget friendly and mass promotional events. Both newbies and established brands can opt for this delightful promo gift to improve their brand visibility.
We have an exciting range of flashlights with free shipping offer. So, if you want to impress your clients without any concerted effort or investment, make sure that you never miss out this fabulous offer!

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