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Seven Ways to Use Custom Maglite Torches

Custom Maglite torches make wonderful brand symbols, no doubt about it. You might be one lucky amongst the crowd to grab one during tradeshows or some other promotional events. As many others, you might have used them only a torch during emergency situations, but here are 7 ways of making best use of them –

Custom Maglite Torches

  1. Keychain safety light – It is one of the smallest flashlights designed to fit over a keychain and it can be carried within a pocket or purse. The light is called Solitaire, and it is offered in a specifically designed barrel, which empowers it to shine in the direction, where your keys are pointed. It allows you to highlight your car doors and house doors at the night. By using this keychain safety light, you can basically avoid those dangerous situations caused due to improper light sources.
  2. Healthy substitute for candle stock – Many Maglite products are also offered in candle mode. This allows you to remove the head of a light and support barrel over it. In this way you can easily put them over tables use them as candles without risking fire or wax melt ups spoiling the place.
  3. Emergency car light – Generally you might have seen people stocking up larger models of Maglite in their trucks or cars.  So, you can store one in your car under the driver or passenger seat. You can use it as a light source and window breaker in case of some accident or flood. As Maglite is produced using durable and hard material, which will last, even if you happen to use it for breaking windows or even if slips out of your hand.
  4. Dedicated tool box – You can always include a small Maglite in your tool box and avoid the time spent on searching light source. As, these torches are made up of heavy and durable material, so they can easily endure hardship caused by hammers and screwdrivers.
  5. Safety token – It was earlier used as a stick for scaring away thugs and thieves in night. You might have heard many police stories with police officers always using hard and durable torches to knock down culprits, although the act was always condemned by authorities. You can always store the custom Maglite torches in car or your pocket as a safety token. It allows you to escape from thugs by flashing the light bright into their eyes.
  6. Precision light – You can employ them during all those tasks, which need precision. The Solitaire or Maglite can be tied over a keychain and used for the purpose.
  7. Adorable light toy – Kids love flashlights and most of them spend a fortune (from their pocket money) in buying small flashlights, which may work for an hour or two. You can always ensure those charming chagrin smiles over their face by gifting these Maglite flashlights.

If you are planning to gift away some highly useful product during your next promotional event, then promotional Maglite torches are the best bet. You perhaps know 7 reasons to do so, isn’t it?

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