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Creative Uses for Flashlight

Flashlights do light up your lives and aid you to safety, but they do fulfill your creatively, if you wish to. You can find them in all shapes, sizes, designs and colors; also creatively involve them to build-

Laser pointer

  • Pet safety light – Most times people are advised to carry light, when they take their pets out on road. Pedestrians carrying flashlights are visible to drivers and stand reduced chances of accidents. Lately, many of them are buying collar lights for their pets, and they are happier to sport them while going out. If you don’t want to waste on expensive collar lights, then we suggest you create one with the existing one.You can fasten flashlight on your pet’s collar and make it act as a pet safety light. This can be easily done with the aid of a strip of Velcro or regular strong rubber band, thereby creating a binder clip around flashlights. Attach this binder clip over the dog’s collar and feel happier for your pet!
  • Laser pointer – You can use those extra mini LED lights for creating laser pointer. You’ll need a mini flashlight, a DVD burner and small screwdrivers to fix it. The laser diode is removed from DVD burner and connected to flashlights electrical system. Voila an exciting cat toy lies before you! This toy is a dedication to all those who are skeptical about their electrical engineering skills.
  • Lamp – Converting a flashlight into lamp is an easier thing, if you have a lamp shade, LED flashlight, base of lamp and mirror that can easily fit into the top of lampshade. You can scout for usable and funky lampshades at charity resale stores. You can fasten the lampshade over flashlight and a lamp base beneath it using little duct tape (if required). Attach the circular mirror on the top of lampshade, so that light falls on the object kept beneath it. In this way you will be able to enjoy thousands of hours of LED light without spending much on high profile table lamps.
  • Create flashlight fairy tales – You can use the flashlight over dark walls of your home to enact some fairy tales. It can be easily done by asking your partner to hold it for you and using hands to portray different characters. Or you can use it over stuffed toys and create some silly sounds to recreate the situation.
  • Hand warmer – This may sound sane for many, but it is a good experimentation if you wish to do. You can take up any old metal bodied incandescent flashlight and hold it in hands to warm up. If you are not satisfied with their rugged look, we suggest you make them sporty by wrapping some craft paper around them.

You can find many more ways of creative utilization for extra lying flashlights and seek a salvation from it. Who knows it may turn into a very lively hobby, before even you can realize! You can seek wholesale flashlights in affordable prices with special offers from any reputed online store.

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