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Choosing Right Kind of LED Flashlights for Winter Camping

Winter camping is extremely adventurous and exciting affair for many. At times, camping in cold can be equally excruciating and torturous, too. So, before the trip, you need to do lots of planning to ensure safety. LED flashlights are one thing, which you should always carry on a winter camping trip. Because lighting is a main problem during winter months and a flashlight will aid you to wade through the darkness with ease.

LED Flashlights

Things to keep in mind while selecting winter camping lights –

  1. Gloved hands may get slippery, while handling some lights
    You know how difficult it may get at times to hold torch in hand in gloved hands and keeping that in mind the choices get very narrower. You can choose from Maglite, head light, and many more. The Maglite possesses strong graspable base and it rarely slips out of hand. Head light is usually carried around head, which means you can use hands to manage the things on- go.
  2. Flashlights fitted with multipurpose tools are always an asset
    On a winter camping trip, you may need several types of tools such as set of screwdrivers, reading light, tape, or whistle – to manage things. Also, there is need to keep the weight minimal because heavy baggage is risky while climbing or hiking. However, you can ease up the situation by investing in a multi tool flashlight bearing tools of your interest. This multitool flashlight serves you above expectations and can be retained for long term usage.
  3. Changing batteries may not be a practical solution every time you land up in catch 22 situation
    Incandescent light sources or torches are largely powered with batteries, which means you need to keep tabs on them each time you use them.  It may not be practical to waste time on changing these batteries, every time you use a torch during a camping trip. To avoid such situation, it is always better to carry couple of LED flashlights such as keychain flashlights, rubber flashlights, and plastic flashlights.
  4. Bulking up your pockets with heavy torches may not be a good idea
    People on move during winter camping need to be careful about the things that they can manage handy. Bulking up pockets with heavy torches may not be a good thing because it leaves no room for other essentials such as medicines, emergency tools, oxygen cylinder, etc. You can easily replace heavy torches with light weight sources such as keychain flashlights, plastic flashlights and rubber flashlights.

In short you need to equip your winter camping kit with different types of flashlights to overcome different situations that you may face on go.

Wishing you a happy winter camping trip ahead!

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