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Add Sparkle to Your Business with Promotional Maglite Torches

As a business you would always love to be seen, heard and remembered, isn’t it. Without marketing you cannot achieve this target. You might have perhaps tried it all – paper pamphlets, billboards, television advertisements, radio advertisements, promotional items, etc. Marketing with promotional items is more beneficial than others because you are inching closer to your customers in a very reliable way. Pens, cups, utility tools……… were always on your list, but have you tried it with promotional Maglite torches? They are wonderful flashlights, which are going to light up pathways, spaces and objects and thrust your brand name into limelight.

Logo Imprinted AA Mini MagLite with Leatherman Wave

Why are imprinted Maglite torches going to be unique for your business?

Logoed Maglite torches –

  • Can light up lives of your clients, donors, and employees – at times, when other natural light sources fail with their purpose. Be it a scorching summer day or foggy, misty winter night or harsh windy rainy day, these torches perform well and offer clear light than incandescent torches. They can be easily tucked into key chains or within other manageable spaces. Unlike regular torches, one doesn’t needs to carry the batteries handy because light bulbs in them are powered by LED technology.
  • Being smaller in size Maglite torches become easily manageable, which means your brand information will travel places easily.
  • Maglite torches are costlier than many incandescent torches of the same size, still they are worthy of investment due to their durability and long shelf life.

Where all can you distribute logoed promotional Maglite torches?

You can distribute them during tradeshows or other marketing events or as a part of festive sale boosting. If you believe in a theory of marketing should begin at home, then we suggest you start by handing them during family functions or celebrations, where people least expect to receive something from you. If you don’t want it all to appear as a hardcore marketing exercise, then you can take advantage of peculiar situations such as summer storms, when there are always power failures. You can position to gift them as a handy token with summer purchases at your store or as a thanking token. People who receive them at the right time would be incredibly happy to carry them.

Can you procure imprinted Maglite torches at cost effective prices?

Yes, you can. Hit internet and see some reputed online flashlight store and see what they have to offer. Most of them offer promotional Maglite torches at cost effective price structure. You can request for quote from at least couple of them and see the price differences and strike on best deal.

Remember happy customers are great customers and they are going to serve you longer.

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