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Custom Flashlights make great handouts for Firefighters’ Day

Fire Fighters do one of the most important and risky jobs to ensure the safety of people. To honor firefighters, every year May 4th is observed as fire fighters day. Businesses who wish to be part of this great day can plan awareness campaigns or hand out custom gifts to honor the contributions of firefighters.

If you have been looking for an appropriate gift idea to promote this special day, look no further than custom flashlights. Well retained and warmly welcomed by all types of recipients, these logo gifts will not just promote your logo but your social commitment as well. LED flashlights are a rage as freebies as these do not involve replaceable batteries and can be used for a very long without any issues.

Here are some of the promotional flashlights that can be considered as handouts on firefighters day.

Lantern flashlights will cast a magical spell on the onlookers with its delightful design. No matter whether your recipients choose to use it as a hanging lantern or a flashlight, these logo items will never fail to make an impact. Imprint your logo and message on these custom items and hand it out during any regular business promotions or awareness campaigns to leave a lasting impression. Personalized LED scope lantern flashlight will be retained as a lighting source and an artifact due to its unique shape. Every time your recipients see these unique gifts, they will be reminded of the firefighters day message and your brand all at once.Custom LED Scope Lantern Flashlights

Car shaped flashlights: keychain flashlights have always been a rage as novelty items. Hand out these car shaped LED flashlight keychains in 3 color choices that will serve as a toy, light source and keychain holder all at once. Imprint your logo and message and employ these custom gifts during community events or campaigns on fire fighters day and see how your customers remember your brand for being socially proactive too.Custom Car Shape LED Flashlight Keychain

Magnetic worklights Custom printed Magnetic 36 LED Work Lights will allow your recipients to light up their work station, car deck, and garage and will come to aid during emergency situations. These promotional flashlights mounted on a 7 position magnetic pivot stand will ensure the users a handy source of light in even hard to reach spots.Custom Printed Magnetic 36 LED Work Lights

Carabiner torch flashlights : These flashlights that offer the hands free convenience while using their lights will make a great promotional gift for fire safety companies or a token of appreciation for their fire fighters on a mission. Available in a range of attractive colors, these flashlights will enjoy a long shelf life as well.Promotional Carabiner Torch Flashlights

Flashlights are important safety items in emergency kits and are something that everybody needs in their daily lives. Be it a flood, a power outage or fire, flashlights will lead people to safety. Place your orders for custom flashlights right away.

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