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Which Custom Flashlights to Choose for Summer Promotions in 2014?

With bright sunny days in foresight, people are perhaps busier to chart their holiday plans, buy their summer skin care products and building their summer kits. As usual they are also going to include flashlights in preparedness kits although it may not be required more often. If you wish to acknowledge your customers this summer, then try to hand out any of these summer custom flashlights.

Summer Custom Flashlights

  • Pocket Whistle Flashlight: As said before, many of your clients or customers might have chalked broad holiday plans. In any unlikely situation, if they get stranded, the need for spare light becomes more imminent. They can easily fare through such situations by buying attention blowing pocket whistle flashlight or squeezing light and finding their way through dark. This flashlight is pocket friendly and users may find it easier to carry by tucking their keys.
  • Multi-tool Flashlights: During summers, most people are on move. If not far, still many may consider small adventure trips to their nearby waterfall or camping in bushes or near beaches. Multitool flashlights come of great use during such situations. Along with light these items bear variety of objects such as knife, screwdriver, nail chipper, etc. These multipurpose flashlights serve in many other capacities than lighting.
  • Turbo Mini Fan with Flashlight: Marketers who wish to etch a customer friendly image can easily rely on this flashlight. It acts as a turbo mini fan or a flashlight on slightest touch.
  • Carabiner Flashlights : They make an awesome promotional choice for marketers who believe smart marketing always wins over high value marketing. These flashlights can be availed in bright colors and marketers can get them imprinted in dark tones to grab attention. People love carrying around vibrant carabiner flashlight over their purses or bags because they show up easily and adds to their fashion quotient. You can choose these carabiner flashlights offered in exciting color profiles and price ranges.
  • Dynamo Crank Torch with Strap: These work great during adventure trips, which most people undertake during summers. These torches are offered in lovely colors and they are fueled by cranking. They can be easily carried through straps and users can easily manage it with their bags or backpacks while on move.
  • Multi LED Camping Lights: Needless to say, why are they used?! This light source comes of great use during camping and most of them are empowered with two settings, which make it easier to use them as lantern or flashlight.  It makes an exciting gifting choice for marketers who are targeting bikers, hikers, adventure seekers and many more who have chalked out broad traveling plans for summers.  A personalized 3 LED light is a very popular item in this category. The best thing is these camping lights can be easily carried within pockets or managed within bags, purses or backpacks.
  • Ribbon Reflector Flashlight : These are extremely popular on the gifting scene during summers because many social issues are acknowledged during this season.  People would love to carry it over their belt loops or pockets or even bags or purses.

The best part about summer flashlights are that marketers acting in compact budget ranges find them affordable, too. They can further increase their cost savings by bulk ordering these flashlights from reputed online stores. Free art setup, free online design proof and free shipping are some perks that one can avail by buying custom flashlights from a reputed online store.

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