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Custom Flashlight Buying Guide

Everything you wanted to know about flashlights –

  • What are flashlights?
    Flashlights are the devices that emanate light through a LED or a light bulb. They are offered in almost all shapes, designs, colors and sizes that are perceivable to a human conscience. Not all flashlights are created equal (although they serve the same process of lighting up lives). They are used for different applications depending on their construction.
  • How it all began?
    The flashlights were first introduced in 1899 , after the invention of dry cell batteries. The earlier flashlights were inadequate in terms of lighting due to instable batteries and weaker filaments. Also, they were used for short period of time, thus the name flashlight stuck on.They became a prominent secondary lighting choice in 1900’s after the invention of tungsten filament. Today, they have become an essential in homes, offices and schools and used for lighting up, when primary lighting sources fail to perform.
  • What are different types of flashlights and what are their uses?Penlights – These are also known as key ring flashlight or keychain flashlights. They can be tucked over belt loops and pockets. They are extremely compact and can be easily carried within purses. You can easily use them to find keyholes, cars and doors in dark.Cylindrical Handheld Lights – They are commonly kept at car or home for curbing power failures and emergencies. These handheld lights are usually fitted with LED’s and incandescent bulbs. The high end models of these flashlights are damage- and –drop resistant, shockproof and water resistant. Rechargeable cell or rechargeable batteries are used to power them. Larger and smaller models can be cumbersome to hold, if you wish to do many tasks at a time using hands.Head mounted flashlights – As the name suggests, they are mounted on the head of a user with a strap. It helps light to remain stable at one position and offers directional light. Head mounted flashlights are employed in many industries and pastimes. People working underground usually use them for directional reference and they are also preferred by emergency services and adventure seekers.Tactical flashlights – They are durable and hard cover metal lights usually sought for tactical defense during emergency situations. They are regularly used by police and emergency services during operations and also during night hunting.Wind up flashlights – They are considered the most economical and eco driven flashlights in the category.  Power is drawn by turning the crank handle attached to the flashlight and the light may last for about half an hour without disturbance. You don’t need a battery or wall charging adaptor to power it. They are used for hiking, camping and other adventurous activities. They are often recommended in emergency preparedness kits, too.Diving flashlights – As the name suggests, they are largely used during diving and other water sports. They are robust and are placed in waterproof casings. They can easily withstand extreme pressure under water and are quite expensive in comparison to regular flashlights.Magnifying head mounted flashlights – They are usually added to the frame similar to spectacles and used during delicate tasks such as clay modeling, beading, cross stitching, etc. Many times they are criticized for producing heat, but that is only true for low end models. High end models are equipped to produce less heat and are quite expensive, too.

    Multi tool flashlights – As the name suggests, they refer to a genre of flashlights that are fitted with multiple tools. They can be of great use in office, homes, schools and during outings, too. Most of them are offered in compatible sizes and can be contained within pockets or bags.

Where should I buy at cost effective prices?
We’d suggest you can scout through many reliable online stores selling flashlights at cost effective prices. You can find attractive price packages and easily avail discounts on bulk orders. Some of them also give away special offers on custom flashlights.

We’d suggest identify your needs, budget and priorities before ordering custom flashlights online.

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