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Enjoy Enhanced Benefits by Gifting Custom MagLite Solitaire with Multifunction Tool

Safety, reliability and high purpose utility – are some of the factors that easily distinguish a custom MagLite Solitaire with multifunction tool from others. As you all know MagLite is something you’d like to associate with durability, security, reliability, purpose and everything good- the most important thing is these properties result from its near-to-perfect technical brilliance. Some of the highlights of its technical excellence include –Custom Printed MagLite Solitaire with Multifunction Tool

  • Powered with 2 AA batteries – This allows it to offer long term service than regular cheaper flashlights that you get in market.  In length they look same as regular batteries.
  • Multifunction electronic switch -The new versions are equipped with two modes of power setting. A maximum power setting during emergencies and a lower 25% power setting, which improves battery power and makes it a reliable choice for dependence during reading or work on something in dark? This setting aids in energy conservation and saves it for larger uses.
  • Balanced Optics – A performance enhanced LED is combined with highly refined projector beam to create high intensified output. Anyone using this solitaire can easily operate it by rotating the head. The beam can be adjusted from pointed to broad depending on the choice.
  • Durability – It is well-known that these lights are produced from machined aluminum body, which means one needn’t bother about it getting impaired during harsh situations. It is supposed to bear all wears, tears, dents and scratches with aplomb than many other regular promotional flashlights that you find in the market. Although they may not be actually very powerful than their bigger counterparts, still they are good enough to last through couple of harsh situations.
  • Water and Shock Resistant – They are made to resist water and shock, which means they are going to be right for people hitting terrains, mountains, crossing rivers, driving in dark, trekking, hiking, biking or any xyz adventure. It can work wonders through snow capped places, chilly desert storms, rains, etc.

Now coming to customized MagLite solitaire with multifunction tools, you can say that they are going to serve the purpose above expectations. The tool may include a ruler, knife, pliers, and several screw bits that come of great use during regular and extreme emergency situations.

A personalized MagLite Solitaire makes a great brand building choice for marketers and individuals trying to create stronger and lingering impressions about their brand or personality. They can expect to remain in lives of people until they find it useful. This multifunction tool MagLite is specially designed for people who often face “Just-in-Case” situations in life. Value savings, free art set up, free shipping and free online design proof are some of the perks that you can avail by buying these multifunction tool flashlights in bulk from any trusted online stores selling custom flashlights.

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