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How Custom maglites double pull as personal defense items

Flashlights are not just handy sources of light but make excellent personal defense items that keep people safe and reassured. Be it to survey the dark areas or to explore the mysterious shadows darting across the wall, flashlights make essential items in any emergency kit.


A flashlight is something people carry with them at all times especially after dark. While talking about tactical flashlights that come to the aid of people in distress, the first name that comes to everyone’s mind will be a custom maglite. Smaller yet brighter than traditional flashlights, these tactical flashlights make excellent personal defense tools. Custom Mini MagLite with Canyon Pocket Knife is a good example to consider in tactical flashlights. Having a flashlight can save time and help you stay safe as you navigate about your apartment during a blackout.Custom Printed MagLite Solitaire with Multifunction Tool

Custom maglites make thoughtful gifts to promote hunting lodges and camping sites among others where people will be exposed to the outdoor challenges more. A flashlight will help you identify your target and to take a position. Flashlights can also be carried to movie theaters or airplanes where other items of personal defense like gun or knives are banned.

How a flashlight can be an item of personal defense

Identify threats

A bright flashlight will help people spot threats even in dim light.

Distracts attackers

By shining a flashlight right into the eyes of the attacker you can disorient attackers and even leave them blinded for a moment during which you can escape from the situation.

Added advantage

Maglites with multitools like these Custom Printed MagLite Solitaire with Multifunction Tool can be used in emergency situations like carjacking.

There are several models of flashlights including custom maglites that fare well as a great self-defense tool. Choose a model that matches your budget and personal preference. To help you get started we have a few tips for you while selecting a tactical flashlight for everyday use.


Choose a small flashlight that will easily slip into the pockets or bags.


A flashlight with a minimum of 120 lumens of light output will make an effective self-defense tool. The model that you choose should be bright enough to disorient attackers.

Easy to operate

Flashlights that have a complicated mechanism might not be a good choice as safety gadgets because during critical moments, people might simply go numb and fail to operate complex flashlights. A simple and universally familiar on/off switch should do the trick.


Pick up a flashlight that will work in less than ideal situations including rain or bad weather conditions.

Rugged designs

Flashlights that are designed to bear the rough and tumble of daily use will be a good choice. Choose light weight and hardy metal flashlights that are easy to hold.

LED lights are better

LED lights are long lasting and are well suited for rough handling compared to incandescent bulbs. LED are long lasting and more energy efficient as well

So, next time you are thinking of a perfect employee gift or end of the year gifts for your customers, look no further than these promotional flashlights that will double up as personal defense items as well. Just imagine the exposure and goodwill your brand on these will enjoy! Drop in at our website to explore our full range of custom flashlights and choose a model that matches your needs.

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