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Custom Flashlight Keychains – Some Of The Best Models For 2015

With the Summer season just round the corner, people are busy finalizing their holiday plans, packing their camping kits and putting together the summer kits. As always flashlights would be one of the most popular items in preparedness kits to cater to any unforeseen emergencies. Going by the immense popularity of custom keychain flashlights it can be safely said that these make popular and effective brand promotional aids that can draw attention of your customers on to your brand.

Custom Bottle Opener Keychain Flashlights

So any marketer who is looking for a promotional campaign on a budget would surely put his bets on these custom flashlight keychains. Compact and well suited for all types of customers these custom flashlights are perfect options to promote your brand and light up the lives of your customers, literally! You can get hold of these gifts at less than 1$ and such high visibility gifts at irresistibly low prices is not something that you find every other day! We bet more users will become repeat customers of yours after gifting them these adorable promotional tools.

Here are some of the best models on offer for 2015.

Custom Whistle light/ keychain: Flashlights are basically designed for emergencies. This pocket whistle keychain flashlight, which doubles up as a keychain can be gifted to all types of your clients. These not just ensure light but also help your clients to draw the attention of others by blowing the whistle. This flashlight is pocket friendly and handy for daily use that comes to the aid in case of a car breakdown or a bad camping holiday.Custom Flashlight Carabiner Purple

Multi-tool Flashlights: Most advertisers prefer to keep their summer promotions run around summer holiday activities and seasonal needs to ensure maximum mileage. The multi tool flashlights are handy gifts for those who love adventure trips or camping as these become useful accessories during such situations. Custom bottle opener keychain flashlights, ballpoint pen flashlights and lights that come with various objects for daily use like knife, screwdriver, nail chipper, etc are available.

Carabiner Flashlights: These fit the bills of hardcore corporate promotional tools for marketers who believe in smart marketing techniques rather than high value marketing. Available in a palette of bright colors, these can be imprinted in dark tones to grab instant attention. People love to show off these stylish Carabiner flashlights wherever they go as these are lightweight and handy and can be slipped easily into their purses. Gift these customized LED chain flashlights available in a range of attractive colors to promote your brand and to keep the customers happy and well gifted!

Custom Ribbon Reflector Flashlight : Custom Ribbon Reflector Flashlight is another hugely popular gift idea for promotional campaigns and celebrations. People would love to be part of the social issue awareness drive as these ribbon shaped reflector flashlights can be tucked over their belt loops, pockets or even bags or purses. The best part is that these are available in different colors and make add-ons to nudge up their style quotient.

Custom flashlights are one of the trendiest options to light up your business promotional along with the faces of your clients without compromising on your budget.

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