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A Quick Guide on Buying Custom Flashlights

Flashlight is an essential item that comes handy more often than you realize. No matter whether it is a camping trip or a black out, a reliable flashlight can save the day for most people. A branded flashlight makes a great promotional item for most marketers thanks to the generous imprint area, attractive cost factor and above all the practical features of these custom items.Customized Hero Emergency Flashlights - 4 Colors

However, to make sure that you choose a custom flashlight model that your audience will actually use, you need to spare a thought at the needs of your recipients. To help you get started we have listed a few common ways flashlights are used.

To reach out to the outdoorsy clients
Are your customers outdoor loving? If yes, they will surely find these custom flashlights useful in braving the elements. These user friendly flashlights are not just for camping , hiking and other outdoor pursuits but also come handy in their daily lives in the event of power outage and other emergencies. A convenient model to consider will be carabiner flashlights , which can be hooked to backpacks or belts! These handy models will make great options for people who do a lot of running or walking.

At Indoors
A flashlight will go a long way in making your recipients feel safe and sure. Imprint your brand and message on these and every time your recipients use these logo items you can spread not just your brand message but also a sense of safety and security among your recipients. These make wonderful handouts during family reunions, community events and promotions.

Travel time
Does your target audience comprise of travelling executives? Then you may need something light and portable like key chain flashlights that will ensure easily accessible light on the move. These trendy models enjoy a warm welcome and high retention among everyone especially those who drives often. Light weight and easy to carry, pint sized carabiner flashlights will make another great option to consider. These can be used to promote travel companies, airlines, event planners and more.

In emergency situations
Custom flashlights can be included in emergency kits during storm and other natural disasters. This will make your brand leave an impression in the community while preparing them for natural disasters. Choose from a range of LED flashlights that can light up even the darkest corners and make your brand part of their daily lives.

Here are some of the models that can be considered.

Maglite: The last word in endurance and functional excellence, maglites are any outdoorsy people’s ultimate dream possession.

Multitool flashlights: Handout the convenience of a set of tools with this easily accessible light source and win the hearts of your customers!Custom Whistle, Light and Compass Keychains

Rubber flashlights: Water resistant, durable and long lasting, rubber flashlights are for work, play or anything in between!

Metal flashlights: Elegant masterpieces that strike the boxes of collectibles as well

Handy tips:

  • Choose flashlights in your corporate colors that complement your brand identity.
  • Custom flashlights are available in a range of materials including plastic, metal or rubber. You can choose models that match your budget.
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