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Custom Flashlights- The Fashion Forward Functional Gifts that Are Hard To Resist!

Winter brings along our favorite holidays, the holiday season and the gift exchange time. However, on the flip side it also means snow storms, longer nights and power outages. That is what makes custom flashlights a thoughtful gift for marketers that will let them to be prepared ahead of time. Flashlights make a versatile and gender neutral gift item that everyone will find useful. Warmly received and well retained, custom flashlights will make a welcome addition to the emergency kits and auto tool kits of your recipients. On an average, there will be around 5 flashlights in a home depending on the number of members. Flashlights keep everyone safe and reassured and will protect them from dangers.

Personalized flashlights are available in various interesting models that range from the pint sized keychain flashlights to the highly functional maglites and the retro lantern flashlights among others. Choose from a range of price points and color choices to match your promotional theme and budget. Flashlights make a high utility gift item that everyone uses regularly in their lives and your brand imprinted on these will get a wide angle display for sure.

Trendy flashlights make great conversation starters because anyone who sees it will be interested to know the brand that handed out such a useful gift. Flashlights make great tradeshow swag, corporate gifts and fund raising items. No matter how you wish to make use of these logo items, flashlights will never shy away from promoting your brand.

Here are some fashion forward flashlight models that do not look like the old, bland flashlights but a fashionable accessory that everyone will love.

Flashlight with Light-Up Pen: A great hand out for advertisers working within constrained budget conditions. The easy to use light setting features and the extra bright white LED light will enhance the functionality of this logo item that can serve as a flashlight and a light up pen.

Personalized Flashlight with Light-Up Pen

Flashlight and Siren Pedometer Along with 3 LED flashlights, this product also features high quality safety pedometer and a 95 dB siren, which makes it a highly useful safety item and a fitness gadget as well. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a portable billboard.

Custom Flashlight and Siren Pedometer

2 LED Hand Press Flashlights These ecofriendly flashlights will not just promote your brand but also highlight your green credentials, which in turn will earn your brand a lot of appreciation from your recipients. These trendy plastic flashlights are ideal giveaways for camping supplies, adventure clubs, disaster planning, etc.

Logo Imprinted 2 LED Hand Press Flashlights

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