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Light Up Your Awareness Campaigns with Ribbon Reflector Keychain Flashlights

Ribbons not just make delightful hair adornments for women but are also symbols of hope, empathy and care. Ribbon shaped promotional items are used in awareness campaigns against a bevy of causes and awareness events on breast cancer, autism, domestic violence, bullying, crime prevention and dental hygiene among many others.

October is breast cancer awareness month and these ribbon reflector keychain flashlights will make a perfect item to consider as employee gifts, tradeshow handouts, mailer gifts and more. Available in colors like red, pink and yellow, these imprinted keychain flashlights will make a good choice for advertisers who wish to generate social awareness in public minds or to make some important business announcements. Advertisers working on constrained budget can always offer it as a goodwill gift or special branding token, and they will achieve success in both ways.Custom Ribbon Reflector Keychain Flashlights

Personalized keychain flashlights from us will help your recipients see in the dark and will put your brand under spotlight all at once. These handy combo gifts that feature both keychains and flashlights will fit the bills of the busy life styles of people who are constantly multitasking. By handing out these ribbon shaped flashlights you will be highlighting your support for the social cause and your recipients will indeed feel privileged to be part of this awareness drive. For the customers who travel at night can attach these custom keychain flashlights onto the wrist, helmet of belt loops to make a safety item.

Here are a few occasions where you can hand out these custom flashlights.

As awareness gifts
Planning a 5k marathon or health run to spread awareness on breast cancer, the second most common cause of fatality among US women? Hand out these delightful keychain flashlights imprinted with brand and message, which will make perfect gift items for your employees, other participants and volunteers. Health care businesses can hand out these logo items during community events, schools and universities among others.

Tradeshow hand outs
Why not make the awareness event your theme during tradeshows by handing out these logo imprinted flashlight keychains. Your audience will be impressed at your social commitment as much as your business credentials. Budget friendly and attractive, these are well suited to cater to mass promotions.Custom Printed Clear Twist LED Lights

Fund raisers
Ribbon shaped items are excellent fund raising items as people honor the cause that these shaped items support. Non -profit organizations can sell these ribbon shaped items for a higher price to raise proceeds to spread awareness on breast cancer and its prevention.

No matter how you wish to make use of these awareness items, the bottom line is that these ribbon shaped keychain flashlights will never fail to impress your audience. Browse our collection and shop right away or call us should you have any queries.

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