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Custom Plastic Flashlights- Gifts To Celebrate The Beauty Of Fall Colors

Gone are the days when flashlights were plain and boring gadgets that were designed only to produce light. These days, flashlights are available in a range of brilliant colors, patterns and multiple features that make them great handouts for themed events, fall promotions and holiday events. Customize these with your brand and message to make a popular handout that your recipients will love.

Fall is the season of the year when nature gets draped in brilliant shades or orange and yellow. Light weight, budget friendly and visually appealing, plastic flashlights exude a casual vibe that is hard to resist. Complement the seasonal beauty and the countless holiday events like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, which give the last quarter of the year an enchanting charm with these brilliantly colored flashlights.

Here are some great custom plastic flashlight models to consider

For a spectacular light display

If you believe that custom flashlights need to be interesting and exciting, 4 LED City Lights will make a great choice. These ABS plastic flashlights with three different lighting modes – 4 LED directional beam flashlight, a 24 LED area floodlight and a full-on 28 LED dual light source will make your brand the talk of the town literally! 3-LED Flashlight with Magnet is another delightful choice. Equipped with 3 LED flashlights steady and flashing security settings, these promotional flashlights have a magnet attached to the back that makes it easy to secure.  Logo Imprinted 4 LED City Lights - 4 Colors

Keychain flashlights

In this modern age of multi tasking, where people strive to do countless things in the shortest possible time, combo gifts like flashlight keychains will make a great choice. Dual LED Light Keychains will make a crowd pleasing model that everyone will love. Offered in 3 brilliant colors, these keychain flashlights have two LED lights on one end and six LED lights on the other. Looking for something extra? Look no further than whistle Key Tag with Flashlights. These vibrantly colored translucent key tags with red LED key light, built-in whistle and large split ring will make great hand outs all round the year.

Customized Dual LED Light Keychains

Safety lights

Flashlights that double up as safety lighting have always been popular in custom gifts. These custom plastic flashlights with blinking or steady colored LED modes can be attached to the users with zipper puller easily, whereas the back clip makes it easy to attach to pockets or belts. Safety Strobe Flashlights is another interesting variant.  Offered in attractive reflector colors, these custom printed plastic flashlights have 3 different light settings – strobe, solid or LED flashlight. The swivel hook will make it easy for you to attach these flashlights to a bag, bike or book.

Do you think custom plastic flashlights make a great holiday gift choice? Share your thoughts at the comments section below to join the conversation.

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