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Trendy Plastic flashlights that are sure to turn a few heads

Plastic flashlights are light weight, colorful and make stylish accessories and a source of light alike. Loud, flashy and interesting these personalized flashlights can make people sit up and watch as these brag about your brand! Look beyond the ordinary and opt for these exquisite masterpieces that would surely help you go an extra mile in your marketing campaign.


Custom heart flashlight can wrap up some quick attention due to its heart shaped designs and eye popping colors. The flashlight is illuminated with red LED and its lighting can be controlled through a click on/off button present at its back. Wear this heart shaped flashlight on back packs, pockets, bags, purses, belt holes, etc through a clip present on its back. It has a large imprint space than many other promotional flashlight sources, which ensure greater visibility for your brands.

Star Flashing Light

Get star struck with this beautiful star flashing light, which makes a perfect choice to promote the food service professions and restaurateurs. The iconic imprint area in the middle would ensure the maximum visual impact among the target audience. With the clip at the back it can be fixed to bags, purses and travel bags. The bright star light for your brand promotion will be something hard to miss out for anyone!

Construction cone flashlight not just makes a convenient source of light during safety programs and rescue operations but also a glaring board for your brand promotion. The expansive and vantage imprint area can take in logos, messages or images and the lighting mechanism that can be controlled through press button on its back ensure maximum visibility. It also possess clip on its back, which makes it easier to affix to lapel, backpack, pets, peoples clothing, lanyard etc. The replaceable button cell battery in this flashlight enhances its utility.

If you are looking for a smart and sleek custom flashlight that people always take note of , not many options can match the charm of the Custom torpedo flashlight with a metal key ring. It makes a powerful choice for business promotions and can be fit into pockets, purses, clutches, and any other small space. Its compact size and drop dead gorgeous design have made it hugely popular among people who look out for trendy models that are easy to store.

Reflector/flasher are good options for promotions and can be effectively utilized during school safety programs. The clip attachment on this flasher makes it possible for people to tuck it over backpacks, jackets, bicycles pets, zippers and belts. It has an on/off push button on its back, which can be used to create strobe effect, illumination and bright light as per the need of the user. Available in a range of beautiful colors the flasher is a delightful promotional option for advertisers marketing kids fashion, entertainment and social causes among many others.

Customization of these plastic flashlights is a breeze as all you need to do is upload your artwork or logo in order page or mail us your design to us at

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