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Custom Flashlights Make Meaningful Holiday Gifts That Everyone Will Cherish

Flashlights as a holiday gift choice might not probably ring a bill in most people’s ears. However, reports show that useful promotional gifts with a higher perceived value will get a high retention and lot of appreciation. Flashlights are something everyone may need in their daily lives. Be it at home, office, emergency kit or car, people need multiple sets of flashlights to cater to any emergencies like blackouts, storm or power outage among others.

Holiday season is all about winter camping, road trips and adventure activities for most people. Flashlights make people safe and assured and your brand on this will get a special place in their minds. Custom flashlights are available in various models. From flashlight keychains to the outdoor staples of maglites, lantern flashlights or underwater flashlights, we have got you covered on flashlights.

Here are some hand-picked custom flashlights that will tick the boxes of holiday gifts.

For The Classic Audience

If you are looking for a finely crafted source of light that takes pride in its legacy, look no further than custom maglites. It will make a perfect gift choice for all your classic customers who look for quality and excellence. Choose from various models including mini maglites to those with knife or multi tools to meet the specific needs of your audience. When you have imprinted maglites as your gifts, you are rest assured of quality and the best value for money.

For The Adventure Seekers

The adventure loving audience may need custom flashlights that can withstand the outdoor elements with ease. Intrinsically Safe 1W Flashlights that are shatter resistant and water proof even when submerged up to 1 meter will make a great choice. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a potable billboard for your brand that is hard to overlook. Hand-Powered Flashlights that do not need a power source to get charged is another reliable model for adventure travelers. The big plus is that your brand on these will get a lot of attention from everyone around, which means your message will get a wider audience than you thought.

Customized Intrinsically Safe 1W Flashlights

For the camping enthusiasts

Fall and winter camping draws a sizeable crowd every year and marketers in this niche can consider custom lantern flashlights as their promotional gifts. These flashlights that are shaped like the old fashioned lanterns of the eons will get a lot of attention thanks to its hands-free design and features that will allow the users to hang it from tent poles or tree branches. These will make a perfect lighting choice for anglers as well. Flashlight and Siren Pedometer that features a high quality safety pedometer attached with 3 light LED flashlights and a 95 dB siren is another choice to consider as it will double up as a work out gadget and a safety siren apart from being a dependable source of light.

Personalized Flashlight and Siren Pedometer

We have custom flashlights that offer something special for everyone. Make sure to choose an appropriate model that will please your target audience and make the most of these popular holiday gifts.

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