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Popular Models in Rechargeable Flashlights to Buy in 2018

Flashlights are essential, daily use items for both homes and offices. People may need it even on the move. Now that the fall season is at its peak, flashlights make a must have gadget to stay safe as night sets in faster.  Businesses looking for a custom gift that will boost their holiday promotions can place their cards on these highly functional items of flashlights. Offered in a range of convenient models and price rates, flashlights will make a great handout to make your brand popular.

Everybody expects flashlights to be in working condition every time they need it and there is nothing more frustrating to find that the flashlights are out of batteries when they need the most. This is what makes rechargeable flashlights a smart choice because these will never left you in the dark when you need it. These are more environment friendly than flashlights that use disposable batteries because these won’t add up to the landfills.

Here are some of the rechargeable flashlights that can be considered for the year 2018

Maglite Magtac LED Rechargeable Flashlight: One of the most trusted names in flashlights, these made in USA flashlights are powered by high capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) rechargeable battery that are made especially for long life. The detachable pocket clip and a USB powered mountable charging base enhance the functional excellence of these flashlights.

Personalized Maglite Magtac LED Rechargeable Flashlight System Crowned Bezel

Shock resistant and water resistant, these flashlights offer a bright beam of light, which makes it a perfect choice for the outdoors and remote off site applications. When you need a gift for your customers who may have everything, opt for this versatile gift idea of maglites. It may not be a model that you can slip into the pockets but it will make a long lasting and sturdy flashlight model that is made to look good and last long.

Fusion Rechargeable Triple Output CREE

Durable and affordable, these flashlights are one of the best rated models for 2018. No need to spend a fortune on these high intensity rechargeable flashlights with three selectable light levels, strobe and SOS modes. Water resistant and dust proof, these flashlights feature a beautiful machined aluminum body and an ergonomic design that is perfect for all work and weather conditions. Equipped with a 1300 lumen light that produces a beam with a range of up to 200 m, your recipients can use the push/pull focusing action for getting an adjustable beam for long distance or wide area.

Custom Fusion Rechargeable Triple Output CREE

As these flashlights can emit both wide and narrow beams, the users will find it useful for an accurate night vision. This highly rated flashlight has five settings that ensure the ultimate safety and night vision.  The tail cap switch features a soft touch function that allows a user to receive an ultra high output beam, low extended runtime beam, medium output beam, tactical strobe function for tactical applications and SOS signaling mode.

Canyons Flashlight with Power Bank: Make your custom flashlights more useful for your recipients by adding the feature of a 2200 mAh powerbanks to make it well retained and popular. This multifunction 2200 mAh powerbank and flashlight comes with a durable webbing strap that allows users to secure this flashlight with power banks around wrists or retain in camping tents. These flashlights with power bank are great for emergencies, indoor uses and adventures. Customize it with your brand and message to make it a well retained gift.

Promotional Canyons Flashlight with Power Bank-2200 mAh

Have you used any of these highly rated rechargeable batteries as business gifts or employee appreciation handouts? Do share your experiences with us at the comments section below.

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