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What Makes Maglites The Best Camping Flashlights?

Planning a camping holiday soon? Make sure to throw in a maglite flashlight into your backpack to turn the dark and eerie nights bright. As darkness falls on your campsite, you must be well prepared to face any emergency with a dependable flashlight. Apart from tackling the essential tasks like cooking, finding things in the dark and getting around the camp tents that are pitched in the middle of nowhere, maglites help you to stay relaxed and safe in the alien settings in pitch darkness.

Custom12 3/8" 3D Camo MagLite

Campsite lighting need not always mean table top lanterns or the bulky headlamps. When you have the convenience of a handheld beacon of illumination, your night hours and camping experience is all set to be a notch better.

Maglites are well known for its rugged designs and shock and water resistant features that will make it a perfect bet for the rough and tumbles of a campsite. The brilliant white light and the powerful projecting beam will help you to see up to a long distance. The adjustable beams that vary from a scattered light to a sharp and highly focused light beam and the extendable battery life are the other big plus that will make these flashlites the best companions for any campers. Maglites have always been tried and trusted options among campers though it is as handy at home, in the car or during a power outage.

Custom AAMini MagLite With Leatherman Micra

Maglite saga dates back to 1955 when Anthony Maglica founded Mag Instruments, which evolved to be the pioneer in flashlights. Maglite flashlights first hit the markets in the 1970s, to become the first ever durable flashlight then. Originally used mostly by police officers, firemen and the military, these custom flashlights are the best in the world even today and are popular among camping and outdoor enthusiasts .

The unique maglite features

  • Maglites stands out for its unique features that not many flashlites can match!
  • Maglite flashlites use LED bulbs that can last up to 50,000 hours before they need to be replaced
  • Maglite flashlites are available in a range of handy sizes that range from the Maglite Solitaire and Mini Maglite right through the massive 6 cell Maglite lights.
  • Made of anodized aluminum, maglites are durable, corrosion proof and resistant to shock, moisture and corrosion.
  • Most maglite flashlites feature adjustable beams for on the spot precision light or a wider beam, which makes it a perfect choice for outdoors.
  • Some models also have a unique function which automatically adjusts the light to save power if batteries are running low.

Here are some of the popular models of Maglite Flashlight that can be considered for your forthcoming promotional events.

MagLite Solitaire with Multifunction Tool will make a perfect option for outdoors and any unforeseen emergencies as it is not just a source of light but a handy multi tool too.

Custom12 3/8″ 3D Camo MagLite A trusted choice among medical and security professionals around the world, these maglites are sturdy and built to last a life time. The camouflage design gives it a unique charm.

We have a lot more of maglite models in USflashlights. Choose the one that suits your promotional theme to light up your logo and your recipients’ lives!

Maglite flashlights that are made exclusively in USA make value added promotional gifts for your special clientele or outdoor enthusiasts. Shop right away to make your camping holidays a cut above the rest!

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