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Custom Flashlights make great promotional items for Outdoor Events

A typical household will have at least a couple of flashlights in all possible sizes and models lying around. Useful and enduring, custom flashlights have become very popular promotional gifts for businesses. Everyone needs flashlights and these versatile gifts will turn the tide of your promotions in your favor in no time.

Be it to light up the way or find a missing object in the dark attic or more, people need flashlights in their daily activities. Customize these with your brand, message or artwork to make it unique and every time your recipients use it or share it among the users, your brand will get a lot of attention. A trendy flashlight will make a great talking topic as well. People simply love to show off any uniquely shaped flashlight and talk about these useful freebies and your fan base is all set to hit a new high.

Now that the outdoorsy season is on, custom flashlights will make a great hand out to promote beach activities, camping holidays, adventure activities and more. Your recipients will have yet another reason to remember their outdoor holidays this season when they have these attractive and highly useful flashlights as free gifts. Your brand and message on these daily use items will get a lot of attention and portability for sure.

Though we often tend to take these ubiquitous items of flashlights for granted, there can’t be two opinions regarding the immense promotional potential of custom flashlights. Offered in a range of interesting models, colors and price points, flashlights will make a perfect gift for every genre of audience irrespective of age or gender factors.

If you are looking for a corporate gift or a handout to promote adventure holidays or activities, check out these crowd pleasing models that will leave your recipients pleased.

Underwater lights

Underwater lights are used mostly by divers, adventure holiday makers and more. Waterproof Flashlights  can endure deep waters and will make a bright source of light underwater. It will also come handy during cloud bursts flash floods and beach activities among others. Your recipients can light up underwater with this submersible ABS plastic flashlights that feature specialized rubber gaskets. These waterproof custom plastic flashlights are rated IP68 and capable of going up and down inside clear water (80 feet deep with up to 32 foot beam range). These waterproof flashlights include magnetic on/off switch and comes with a lanyard for convenient carry around.

Lantern flashlights: Ensure the dual advantage of a hands free source of light that can be hung down. Some of the models that can be considered include Candle Bright Dual Lantern that comes with an adjustable brightness feature. Ideal for fishing holidays and camping trips, these attractive flashlights can be customized with your brand and message to make it look unique.

Bluetooth Speaker Accordion Lantern Flashlights: A perfect gift all round the year for your outdoorsy clients, employees or customers, these trendy custom plastic flashlights are loaded with the functionalities of Bluetooth speaker, lantern, flashlight and FM/AM radio. The built in microphone enables conference calls through Smartphones while travelling. It will make a great handout to promote Tech companies, music stores and electronic brands among others.

Customized Bluetooth Speaker Accordion Lantern Flashlights

Maglites: The middle name of American technology and innovations, these long lasting flashlights designed for the rugged outdoors will make a must-have item in the backpacks of travelers and holiday makers. Consider models like Mini MagLite with Alpine Knife to ensure an effective brand promotion on a budget. Alpine knife is made up of anodized aluminum handle and comprises elements such as scissors, blade and nail file. The high intensity light beam and the easy operation mechanism enhance its popularity. These logo items are well suited to promote hunting lodges, camping grounds, adventure activities and  more.

Custom Mini MagLite with Alpine Knife

We have a lot more! Make sure to browse our complete line to choose a model that matches your needs and budget.

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