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Low cost Promotional flashlights are here to stay – Know more

Low in price, yet big in impact promotional gifts, these budget friendly flashlights that are available under 50 cents will make your branding promo a breeze. Beat the economic slowdown with thousands of promotional handouts at great prices with these flashlights that will cost you less than a kitkat!

Custom Ventura Keychain Flashlights

Surveys show that a big fat promotional campaign may still fail to take off if the customers find the promotional gifts useless. So, how to get your logo noticed without blowing your budget? By choosing practical and functional promotional gifts that people actually use in their daily lives, marketers run a better chance of positioning their logo among their customers. If you are looking for gifts that will get your brand in front of the target customers more often that too at a low cost, promotional flashlights will make a good choice.

Most people love ecofriendly items and they will readily remember the brand that comes with this noble cause. You can choose solar powered or LED flash lights that are easy on planet earth to enjoy massive goodwill and popularity for your social commitments and green initiatives.

We have rounded up a few popular logo imprinted flashlight models that will cost you only a few cents yet ensure a strong brand exposure! Well, does that sound too good to be true? Read on to find about all these and more.

The Nite Owl Key Light

Custom Ventura Keychain Flashlights is well suited for marketers of all possible genres. This flashlight contains single white LED light, 4 metal detachable valets split key rings, and comes with press button power. This 4- in- one advantage will make it a darling of the masses in no time. Everytime your recipient uses these flashlights, your logo will be put into the spotlight. Sleek and trendy, these flashlights will attract instant attention everywhere and set off word of mouth publicity.

Custom Printed Round Flashlight Keychains with 5 Colors A flashlight that remains with your keychain that will come to the rescue when you are caught in the dark. Be it to find the keyhole on the door or your car ignition in the dark, this flashlight will make it all so easy. This fast selling item will be appreciated for a long time for sure. You can imprint your logo and business message on the dainty imprint area and we bet, these will never fail to gain the attention of not just your recipients but also from everyone around. The brilliant color choice is another big plus of this model.

Custom Mini Keychain Lights will enhance the brand visibility immensely without breaking your bank. Marketers who are looking for a sure fire way to promote their logo will find this elegant keychain an appropriate gift to reach out to their customers and to create a buzz about their business.

The best thing is that nobody can resist these functional accessories as any household might require more than one of these. Custom flashlights are available in a range of quirky shapes, colors and sizes that these fit the bills of stylish accessories rather than an ordinary flashlight. These are light weight and sleek and are well cut for mailer campaigns and mass events like trade shows and events.

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