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Promotional Flashlight Keychains – Smart Handouts For The Contemporary Life Style

The best gifts are the ones that match the changing styles and the fast pace of life of your recipients. Combo gadgets that can perform more than one function have been a rage among everyone. Keychain flashlights join this elite bandwagon of multi gifts to make perfect party favors and marketing items. Everyone dreads the thought of getting stuck in the dark or finding the front door keyhole during a power outage. This is where custom flashlight keychains come to the bigger picture.

Everytime your recipients have their keychains in hand they will have a source of light right at their finger tips. Can your promotional gift get any better than these flashlight keychains? Offered in various trendy models and price range, your brand on these innovative custom gifts will get a lot of attention wherever your recipients go.

Flashlight keychains are

Excellent icebreakers: Planning a tradeshow or store promotional campaign any time soon? These logo items make a great way to drive more people into the shop and engage the shoppers with your brand. Everyone will love these cute and compact handouts that will fit easily into the purses and bags.

Great talking topics: These quirky flashlights that are also keychains will make a great banter topic in the social circles of your recipients. It is not something that they get every other day as gifts and these unique custom gifts will generate a lot of interest among everyone who sees it.

Mass promotional gifts: These budget friendly flashlights will make a great choice for mass promotional events like mailer campaigns and tradeshows. The low price advantage will enable the marketers to reach out to everyone in their audience without stretching their promotional budget. Incredibly popular, these logo items get used many times; everyday, thereby enhancing your brand visibility and recall.

Fund raising items: Gifts that are low priced yet hugely popular makes the most popular fund raising items. Non- profit organizations and booster clubs can all consider flashlight keychains as fund raising items as everybody will surely love to have atleast one in their collection.

Here are some popular models that nobody can resist

Flashlight Keychain with 12 Colors: The carabiner design drives up the functionality of these logo flashlight keychains. Great for outdoorsy clients and to promote adventure clubs, sports leagues and more, this flashlight powered by long life lithium batteries can continuously light up for 30 hours.

Custom Flashlight Keychain with 12 Colors

Bottle Opener Keylights: Bottle opener keylights will change the night partying experience of your recipients like never before. These make great handouts for bars, restaurants and tailgating events! Offered in a palette of brilliant colors, these bottle opener keylights are one of our best sellers as well.

Promotional Logo Bottle Opener Keylights

Mini Lighted Screwdriver Repair Kits: This repair kit that features an emergency light, screwdriver kit and keychain will make a perfect addition to any tool kits at homes or offices. Customize it to put your brand into the hands of your users in a subtle and clever way.

Custom Imprinted Mini Lighted Screwdriver Repair Ki

We have an exclusive section of flashlight keychains. You can browse and choose a model that will align your promotional theme.

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