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Custom Rubber Flashlights – Put Your Brand Under Spotlight

Functional gifts without any frills are the best ways to impress your audience. More the utility more will be your brand exposure. So, if you are looking for a custom gift that will pack a big boost to your promotions, look no further than these attractive custom rubber flashlights. Light up the path to your brand for your recipients that are well suited for the daily grinds. Offered in various popular colors, these water resistant rubber flashlights will make a delightful addition to the emergency kits of homes, cars and offices. Every time your recipients use these attractive rubber flashlights, your brand on these will get a lot of attention.

Universal Work Light with 5 Colors: Looking for a perfect custom gift to promote your emergency services? Look no further than these worklights that can be tilted up to 90 degrees and hung at an appropriate height or stuck to a metal surface using its magnetic base while working. The light bar within the telescopic shaft produces a powerful lantern like effect, which will make a reliable light not just for night time works but also for outdoors, camping and fishing holidays. Offered in a range of colors, these make great corporate gifts that your employees will cherish for a long time.

Custom Printed Universal Work Light with 5 Colors

Rubberized Working Light with Heavy Duty Magnet: This high utility gift with a powerful magnetic base , slide-up hook, and rubberized grip will ensure hassle free lighting during outdoor maintenance works and activities for engineering services, construction houses, mechanical services and others.

Promotional Rubberized Working Light with Heavy Duty Magnet

28 LED Rubberized ABS Flashlights: Create a dazzling brand display with these 28 LED rubberized ABS flashlights during business events or tradeshows. Your customers will surely find these trendy flashlights great choices during emergencies, camping, outdoor events and more. Imprint your brand, mascot and message on these to make them look unique.

Promotional Logo 28 LED Rubberized ABS Flashlights

Hero Emergency Flashlights: Everybody will fall in love with these cute and colorful suction mounted click-on emergency flashlights with soft touch operation. Ideal for emergencies like auto repair or plumbing, and around the office or house, these flashlights will illuminate your message in the most spectacular fashion. These ornamental flashlights will easily set off word of mouth publicity too.

Customized Hero Emergency Flashlights - 4 Colors

Custom flashlights have always been epic gift choices among custom gifts because everyone needs it for their homes, offices, garage, safety kits and more. Interestingly not many people remember to buy one for themselves though they need it the most. This is another reason that makes custom flashlights popular custom gifts during all types of promotional events like tradeshows.

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