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Best Selling Mini AA Maglites – Make Your Winter Promotions A Runaway Success

Mini AA maglite has evolved to be an icon of classic American design and a paradigm around the world for its brightness, quality, reliability and durability. These easy to use promotional maglites offer the best of both the worlds of a sleek design and a stellar performance. Powered by the next generation MAG-LED technology, it has two power settings including power saving mode for a prolonged emergency.Personalized AA Mini MagLite with Leatherman Micra

Marketers who are looking for a superior quality promotional gift on a budget will find these Mini AA maglite a perfect choice.

Here are some of our bestselling mini AA maglite models for your winter promotions

Custom AA Mini MagLite with Leatherman Micra Tool will make an elegant corporate gift that can be used to promote all types of businesses. Imprint your logo and message on these to make sure that your brand gets lit up as much as your recipients’ lives. This Maglite that measures 5 ¾ in length produces high intensity krypton beam, which can be changed from a spot to flood with just a ½ turn of torch. The Leatherman Micra tools may include scissor, nail file, knife and blade among others, which makes it a perfect option for campers, adventure holiday makers and hunters among others.Custom 2AA Mini MagLite with Swiss Army Climber Knife

Custom Mini AA MagLite Navy Blue that is offered in a sturdy aluminum case is a well sought after promotional gift. This Maglite gives out a powerful light beam and it can be adjusted from spot to flood. Some of the other features include shock and water resistance and anti corrosive anodized interiors and exteriors. Budget friendly yet elegant, these flashlights will always one of the best among Mini maglights.

Logo Imprinted AA Mini MagLite with Leatherman Wave : This mini maglite will make an exceptional promotional gift for advertisers who wish to gain easy attention with minimum efforts. This 5” long flashlight comes with Leatherman wave tools that include scissors, knife, and nail file. Durable and elegant, these maglites will ensure a consistent brand promotion on a budget.

Personalized AA Mini MagLite with Leatherman Micra This combo pack of stainless steel Leatherman Micra and 2 AA batteries is offered in an alloy metal black presentation box. The tools may include nail file, spring action scissors, and knife blade while the maglites ensure a reliable and powerful source of light for your recipients. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how your logo becomes part of their daily lives.

US Flashlights has a range of these best selling custom Mini maglites. Place your orders in bulk to make the most of our discounts during your winter promotions. Studies have proven that practical gifts like flashlights enjoy a longer retention among the recipients, which means that your logo will have consistent exposure.

If you have been looking for a reliable light source for your recipients for those dark and scary winter nights, look no further than these mini maglites. Compact and portable, your recipients will love to carry these wherever they go! Apart from being a promotional item, logo mini maglites also make thoughtful corporate gifts and party favors for milestone celebrations. So, how do you wish to employ these stupendous maglite models?

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