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Custom Maglites- Promotional Gifts That Are Truly American!

Maglites, make icons of quality and American craftsmanship. Developed after more than two decades of intensive research and development, maglites founded by Anthony Maglica has evolved to be one of the esteemed enterprises in the country. By choosing custom MagLites as your custom gift, you are celebrating the proud legacy of American flashlight technology as well. Maglites make great gift choices to promote camp sites and adventure holidays. Designed to bear the daily grinds and the outdoor challenges with a wide grin, these high value custom gifts will highlight your brand everywhere your recipients go.

Why custom Maglites?

  • Maglites are popular worldwide and enjoy a wider fanbase.
  • These custom flashlights are still made in the USA and make great tokens of American craftsmanship.
  • Maglites bring together fashion and functionality in equal doses and your brand that is laser engraved will get a lot of attention.
  • Custom maglites will make your customers happy and they can’t get enough of thanking your generosity
  • Functional handouts like flashlights will enjoy a very high retention and your brand exposure will go up manifold on these popular gifts that get used forever!

Flashlights make versatile and gender neutral gifts that can be used to promote all types of brands and businesses. Offered in a range of price rates and models, marketers can choose an appropriate model in custom maglites to promote their brand.

Mini MagLite with Digital Camo Knife : A perfect hand out for the outdoorsy people, these Mini Maglites with a delightful Camouflaged design will make a great gift to promote camping holidays, hunting and adventure trips. This Maglite that measures 5 ¾ long and possess knife with 3 ¾ handle and 2 ½ blade is packed in a beautiful presentation box.

Custom Mini MagLite with Digital Camo Knife

Maglite LED ML25 3 C Cell Flashlights: These water resistant maglites are great for fishing holidays and outdoor adventure trips. It Includes a hands-free candle mode, with a spare lamp inside the tail cap. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a perfect business gift that your recipients will cherish for a long time.

Personalized Maglite LED ML25 3 C Cell Flashlights

AA American Flag Mini Mag-Lite Flashlights:  These flashlights with the star and stripes design will make a delightful way to celebrate the national pride all round the year especially during patriotic events like labor day or July 4th events.

Custom Printed AA American Flag Mini Mag-Lite Flashlights

3 D LED Mag-Lite Flashlights: These main highlights of these high performance flashlights include Luxeon Rebel LED and Balance Optics. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a perfect business gift for your clientele.

Custom Imprinted 3 D LED Mag-Lite Flashlights

Need more? Browse our collection and choose a gift that matches your business theme and event. You can also visit us on facebook to know about the best trends in custom flashlights.

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